How to decorate the porch of a 80 square meter hou

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How to design the porch of a 80 square meter house? Porch is a place that can be seen as soon as you enter the door, which is also called the "face" of home, so even a small space cannot be easily ignored. In fact, the perspective of each family in the porch may be different, so this should be fully considered in the design process to shape the most appropriate porch. Wuhan home decoration network editor today to share with you a few examples of Wuhan porch decoration, let's look at the porch design from a different perspective

many families in Wuhan are small, and the extremely mini small porch has become a transition, which not only needs to store shoes and clothes, but also looks clean. In addition to the porch cabinet, you can also use small partitions to design the porch. A thick partition is built in the porch, which becomes a seat for changing shoes. Shoes can be placed under the partition to form a natural shoe cabinet; The hook on the wall is naturally the storage place for clothes and backpacks. Recommended reading: practical porch decoration effect drawing

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