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[home decoration network] in March this year, Mr. cen (a pseudonym) decided to decorate his father's old house. Finally, he chose a company that had been decorated many times in the community and registered in Changping. Because he didn't know the company, Mr. Cen and his two brothers kept an eye on it, and the payment was not carried out in accordance with the standard terms in the contract. Instead, it was stated in the remarks: the decoration money was settled according to the project, and the decoration money was paid after each process was completed and passed the acceptance. Com

I thought it would be safer, but I didn't expect that after the hydropower reconstruction construction, the problem appeared. During the on-site acceptance, Mr. Cen was stunned by the list handed over by the decoration company: the water and electricity transformation of a house of more than 100 square meters should be more than 20000! After carefully examining the line layout, Mr. Cen finally understood the reason for the high cost - winding. It's clear that you can walk through the wall in a straight line, but it's a circle around the room; It could lead from each point, but it had to lead from the electric box one by one; It is claimed that in order not to reduce the floor height, the pipelines on the ground are trenched and hidden under the ground, but there are nine pipes on the ceiling &hellip& hellip; Com

Mr. Cen felt that he fell into the “ Trap, so refused to pay, the two sides into a stalemate. For this reason, the decoration company sued Mr. Cen and the owner of the house, uncle Cen. In order to protect the site, Mr. Cen has not made any changes to the construction site at present. Last week, the first hearing of this case was held, and the court said that the trial should be conducted according to the expert report issued by the judicial organ. At present, Mr. Cen's 90 year old father is renting out because of decoration, and the house is about to expire. Mr. Cen hopes to close the case as soon as possible, complete the decoration, and take his father home

◆ on site diagnosis: last Friday, our reporter and Zhang Hongjun, deputy director of million homes supervision company, came to the decoration site of Mr. Cen's home and found many decoration injuries: jiazhuang6 Com

hard injury 1: fake wires

Zhang Hongjun first checked the wires in the whole house. He first observed carefully, and then bent his hands repeatedly one by one. After checking the wire of Quanwu, Zhang Hongjun concluded that the wire was likely to be a fake& ldquo; Although Kunlun brand is printed on the insulating sleeve of the wires, from the appearance, these wires are thicker than similar products. When observing their cross-section, it can be clearly seen that the skin of the wires is thick and the core is thin, and the thickness of the insulating skin is uneven. When bending, the wires feel very soft. Therefore, it is inferred that the fake Kunlun wires are likely to be used. Com

knowing that the brand of wires has been clearly stipulated in the contract between both parties, Zhang Hongjun suggested Mr. Cen to go to Kunlun wire factory to test the authenticity of wires. In the afternoon of that day, Mr. Cen intercepted a wire with a length of about 1 meter and went to Kunlun wire factory for inspection. The results showed that the wire submitted for inspection was not produced by the factory

hard injury 2: casing appears “ Three forks

“ In the standardized hydropower construction, this situation is absolutely not allowed. Zhang Hongjun pointed to a dividing line and said. The reporter saw that this was “ The three fork shaped branch is made by hand. An insulating pipe is bent, and at its bend, it is cut manually. Another wire passes through it and then enters another insulating pipe. The reporter noticed that this kind of “ Three forks are not the same place in the bedroom

it is understood that the quality specification for home decoration construction clearly stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to damage the insulation layer when laying the sheath wire& ldquo; A junction box must be installed at the junction of the wire. Zhang Hongjun pointed out that this situation on site will cause inconvenience to future maintenance. Home improvement website

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