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Everyone is going on an unknown journey to find a way of life that fits the body and soul, which can be met but not desired, and Italian luxury is such a realm

I'm light and extravagant:

the space is simple and elegant, clean and concise. Light luxury with Italian romance, integrated into the modern minimalist design concept, gives people endless reverie space. Exquisite and simple lines, bright and transparent, simple romantic life, exquisite and comfortable

living room space

life is plain and ordinary

we look forward to unexpected surprises

we also desire to return to nature

Lori oak primitive simplicity

ordinary days can also live into a poem

bedroom space

life is noisy and exuberant

dorakaki tells a gentle elegance

it is like an indifferent attitude to life

having yourself is also casual.Take off

let people understand the charm of the tranquility of years

Kitchen space

it is the sand and gravel warmed by the sun on the beach

it is the branches hidden under the green leaves

embrace the nature and return to the essence

inlay a simple and soft warmth on time

bathroom space

everyone is going on an unknown journey

find a lifestyle that fits the body and soul

meet but not ask

and Italian luxury

is such a realm

what is Italian luxury

That is, it does not lie in the tedious carving and the stacking of gold and silver

but in the aristocratic temperament born from within

which makes people infinitely close to the place they yearn for

is an aesthetic proposition

is also an attitude towards life





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