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Art coating franchise fee cloud taster art wall material water-based environmental protection paint brand agent

with the gradual change of the living environment, many times we not only enjoy the high material needs, but also meet the spiritual needs. Now the way of decoration is constantly changing, and people have higher and higher requirements for home decoration. On the premise of health and environmental protection, we should not only be good-looking, but also comfortable, and a variety of decoration styles come one after another, Wall decoration has always been a problem worthy of attention. At present, art paint belongs to the popular trend of wall decoration.

due to the popularity of art paint, many brands have appeared in the market, and many small partners who want to start a business also see this business opportunity. More and more people join this industry and start their own entrepreneurial journey.

if they want to join art paint projects, how much is the agency fee for art paint? What brands do you have? Let's have a look

because there are many brands in the market, and different brands join in and join in levels, the joining fee is different

generally, many people who want to do this industry have to go back to understand this industry, which must be a lot of work. In fact, there are many projects that can be selected to start a business and join this industry, The key is to make a choice according to your actual situation is the most important

summary of the cost of art coating franchise in the market

generally, we can see that the franchise cost ranges from 30000-50000 yuan and 100000-200000 yuan (this is only the franchise cost of joining the brand, not including your own late purchase, store renting, decoration materials, etc.)

deposit (30000-50000 yuan) each company will charge the corresponding deposit, This plays a management role in the franchise.

the minimum preparation for art paint franchise (100000-200000 yuan) is a very common investment. It depends on the city of franchise and the size of the store according to the different brands. The specific investment also includes store rent, store decoration, equipment costs, material costs, opening costs, personnel salaries, etc., so franchisees should prepare a little more working capital

it is recommended to join the cloud craftsman art coating art wall material here. Because the construction is simple, ordinary people can operate it, and there are no special requirements for the wall surface. New houses and old houses can be constructed, waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof and flame retardant. The quality can be up to 20 years. There are a wide range of processes, which can be randomly matched according to the decoration style. The product has superior performance, and is easy to clean, oil resistant, scratch resistant, breathable, flame-retardant and environmental friendly. While giving the wall a vivid three-dimensional sense, it creates a fresh and comfortable healthy living environment and spiritual space. It is loved by many consumers

cloud craftsman art wall material ecological wall material makes the wall fresh, presents a rich artistic texture, creates a unique environmental protection art home atmosphere in an all-round way, and fully meets the quality life needs of users. Ecological wall materials go beyond the plane finish effect of ordinary emulsion paint, bring the delicate and soft touch of the wall, show the vividness of the three-dimensional wall, and increase the aesthetic feeling of the space

why is it recommended to choose cloud pinjiang art wall material water-based environmental protection paint brand agent

cloud pinjiang art paint has no franchise agency fee and does not need to open a shop, which gives many entrepreneurs with insufficient initial venture capital an opportunity. The company has a special training team, free training, hand-in-hand teaching, and helps agents plan appropriate plans by using the professional operation mode of the system, To help entrepreneurs succeed in entrepreneurship,

a good project of low-cost investment in cloud craftsman art coating

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