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Linde hydraulic power assisted Shantui full hydraulic bulldozer upgrading recently, with the completion of the last test of Shantui dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer - thermal balance test, the 170 HP full hydraulic bulldozer project has entered the final acceptance stage

this is another full hydraulic bulldozer project to be successful after the successful trial production of the 130 HP full hydraulic bulldozer sd13ye in May. According to the plan, dh17 full hydraulic bulldozers will be introduced to the market in small quantities in the second half of this year

The success of dh17 and sd13ye full hydraulic bulldozer projects indicates that Linde hydraulic has successfully opened up a new situation in the domestic bulldozer industry. At the same time, it also injects new vitality into Shantui's full hydraulic bulldozer field. Why does metal fatigue have a destructive effect on the products? This is because the internal structure of the metal is actually uneven

Linde hydraulic power assisted Shantui full hydraulic bulldozer upgrading

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dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer is the crystallization of joint cooperation between Linde hydraulic, Weichai Power, Weichai hydraulic and Shantui group, which fully reflects the synergy of the group. This model integrates Linde walking hydraulic parts and Weichai construction machinery engine, which is a major breakthrough of hydraulic power assembly system in the field of bulldozer. At the same time, the full hydraulic bulldozer fully integrates the strong technical strength and unique design advantages of Shantui in the bulldozer field

it is understood that at present, the full hydraulic bulldozer is the absolute mainstream product in the European and American bulldozer market, and the application of this technology in China is still in its infancy. Compared with the domestic traditional hydraulic mechanical bulldozers, the operating efficiency and transmission performance of the full hydraulic bulldozer are significantly higher than those of the traditional models by 20% to 30%. The overall layout is more concise and the handling performance is excellent. In addition, the full hydraulic bulldozer (6) has more advantages in terms of system matching and other obstacles, such as the diameter range of the collet that can hold the sample

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