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The release and report meeting of control network HBES technical specification - residential and building control system was held in April, 2013. The National Standardization Administration Committee officially approved the release of control network HBES technical specification residential and building control system as a recommended national standard with the standard number of gb/t

in order to widely publicize and popularize the recommended national standard, On the afternoon of may10,2013, the Secretariat of sac/tc124 held the release and report meeting of the recommended national standard gb/t "control network HBES technical specifications for residential and building control haydale composite solutions (HCS), a graphene and nano material manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom, has used graphene to improve the performance of carbon fiber composites" at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The press conference was organized by the technology promotion center of the Institute of integrated technology and economy of mechanical industry instrumentation (ITEI), and received strong support from KNX China organization and KNX International Association. More than 100 experts from research, design, manufacturing, users and other related fields and 14 professional media attended the meeting, witnessing and sharing the historic moment of the latest standard release and technical achievements

the day of the press conference was sunny and sunny. Xiagenglai, vice governor of diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing, added a grand occasion to the press conference by investigating the beautiful environment by the innovation group. The guests and conference representatives arrived as scheduled and left their commemorative signatures on the sign in backboard. The ordinary sign in time became the highlight of the press conference. The participating leaders and the experts and staff of the standard drafting working group left precious group photos before signing in the backboard

the half day press conference was wonderful and rich in content. Mr. liudashan, leader of the second industry department of the National Standardization Administration Committee, read out the standard release and made an important speech; Dr. wangchunxi, Deputy Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for industrial process measurement and control standardization, and Dr. wanglinkun, leader of the standard drafting working group, respectively introduced the standard formulation and review process and the standard conversion work. Mr. Heinz lux, CEO of KNX International Association, introduced the advantages and development of KNX, an international standard in the field of home furnishing and building control, and brought a series of figures on KNX's global development, such as the number of KNX members, the number of KNX partners, the number of KNX training centers and the market share of KNX, which provided important information for people to further understand KNX. Mr. chapengzhan, chairman of KNX China, introduced the development and Prospect of KNX in China on behalf of KNX Chinese members, and shared with you the successful application projects of KNX in China. The conference not only introduced the standard and its release, but also invited Ms. Ma Hong, vice chairman of the national intelligent building and residential area digital Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc426), and Mr. Zhu Jingguo, director of the expert working committee of the intelligent building branch of China Construction Industry Association, to make a report on accelerating the planning of smart communities, supporting the construction of smart cities and the development direction of China's intelligent buildings. It is proposed that intelligent building is the key to building a smart city, and KNX standards and technologies are the foundation of intelligent building, intelligent community and intelligent home. Finally, as a KNX user, Shanghai longchuang energy saving system Co., Ltd. shared its experience in KNX application projects, especially the energy-saving advantages of KNX

in addition to the wonderful report, the award ceremony and video broadcast were held in the middle of the meeting. Mr. Heinz lux, CEO of KNX International Association, issued certificates to 21 expert working group members from ITEI, abb, Hager, Schneider, Siemens and other standard drafting units, thanking them for their efforts and contributions to the standard transformation. A video congratulatory message to KNX was broadcast. Representatives from members of the International Association and Chinese organizations congratulated KNX on the release of China's national standards. This session pushed the meeting to a climax. At the end of the meeting, the speakers gave detailed answers to media questions

the water content of the whole press conference shall not exceed 0.3%; In a harmonious and formal atmosphere. The official release of KNX (HB "yingkai Shi" means es gb/t) national standard marks the provision of standard technical regulations for the development of smart homes and smart buildings in China, and the provision of technical reference and quality assurance for Chinese manufacturers, integrators and end users. It is hoped that KNX will grow in China and contribute to the construction of China's future smart city

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