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Metso provides pulping equipment to Indian Tamil Nadu paper industry

Metso Paper machinery will provide a new set of cooking and raw pulp washing equipment for bagasse pulp production to Indian Tamil Nadu paper company. The plant is located in Tamil Nadu, southern India. The new pulp washing line will be put into operation at the beginning of 2010 when China 5 mine is a 65 year old central enterprise. The contract amount is nearly 14million euros

the supply scope of Metso Paper machinery includes cooking, screening, twinroll press pulp washing and oxygen delignification equipment. Engineering design, field instrument and installation and commissioning water cooling can also be included in the supply. The purpose of this investment is to improve the slurry quality, reduce the waste water discharge and strengthen the environmental protection effect by reducing the consumption of clean water and chemicals

the design capacity of this new pulping equipment will reach 600 tons of absolute dry pulp/d. After this section, the pulp is pumped to the post solid solution + aging bleaching section. The bleaching process is also provided by Metso and has been put into operation. The whole pulping line, including raw pulp preparation and bleaching process, will become the largest single bagasse pulp production line in the world

Tamil Nadu paper company's products include paper and printing and writing paper, mainly using hardwood and bagasse as raw materials. The company is one of the largest production plants in India

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