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Dexiang and Swiss xiril company signed a cooperation agreement recently, Dexiang and Swiss xiril company reached a long-term cooperation intention and signed a cooperation agreement. According to the use characteristics of Chinese customers, it is necessary to connect the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling before stopping the application of the initial operation station in various fields to effectively promote the small-scale automatic liquid work

Swiss xiril AG was established in 2001. The founder has more than 25 years of experience in liquid treatment technology and provides automation equipment and solutions for life science and diagnostic applications. In 2004, it won the gold medal of Hannover International Industrial Exposition in Germany

xiril automatic workstation meets the needs of high-throughput liquid treatment in modern laboratories. It is used for enzyme immunoassay, ALT detection, blood group detection, antibody screening, sample retention, PCR, DNA and other experiments to detect serological markers of infectious diseases. The price of the yield limit and shear strength limit of the shear polymer research (Mainz) with high-end quality and relatively economic measurement data is accepted by many consumers

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