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Jinjia shares: it plans to set up a new Dongguan subsidiary of 30million yuan to make the packaging business bigger and stronger. Release date: Source: it released Yi

Jinjia shares in the evening, so as to solve the problems brought about by the past. The announcement said that in order to comprehensively promote the company's strategy, the company plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dongguan with its own funds of 30million yuan, The company's name, intelligent level, has been greatly improved. Dongguan Jiahe Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (tentative name, subject to industrial and commercial registration) continues to expand the color box business market

Jinjia Co., Ltd. said that the foreign investment in vigorously promoting the intelligent and green transformation of the production process is conducive to the improvement of the company's sales scale and comprehensive profitability, helps to enhance the company's overall competitiveness and sustainable operation ability, and plays a positive role in making the company bigger and stronger in the packaging business

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