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Intelligent control data multi vision

during Infocomm China from April 8 to 10, 2015, delta video product display and control series exchange meetings have been successfully held for three consecutive years, and have been held in Beijing as promised. The theme of this year's exchange is intelligent control data multi vision. In the exhibition hall of more than 1000 square meters, delta video integrates more intelligent and powerful control systems and diversified display units, focuses on industrial application solutions, and comprehensively displays the world's leading products and solutions of delta video in the fields of DLP, LCD, small spacing led, image display control, intelligent monitoring and visual operation management, commercial projection, etc

at this year's exchange meeting, delta video launched a number of new products, showing the best level in the industry at present, whether in the diversified display end, intelligent image control end or convenient playback system. At the same time, it integrates display and control solutions in petroleum, petrochemical, security, power and other industries to achieve new breakthroughs in video applications and create a more intelligent visualization solution in the era of big data; And through excellent imaging technology, the world of visual display is not constrained, bringing more perfect visual experience to users

diversified large screen display, restore true color

as one of the top five global manufacturers with DLP chip core technology, delta is committed to the continuous innovation of video display technology. At this exchange meeting, the new display unit products of 2015: the latest fourth generation laser light source DLP unit, led small spacing display screen, and 3.5mm ultra narrow edge electric front maintenance LCD display unit made a collective appearance. Laser light source technology, full support for 1080p high-definition images, small spacing, ultra-high brightness and other keywords have become the highlights of the annual new products. Through high-definition real-time pictures, guests present at the scene show the gorgeous vision brought by cutting-edge technology

Figure 1: Delta video product display and control series exchange meeting, which comprehensively demonstrates the world's leading products and solutions of delta video in the fields of DLP, LCD, small spacing led, image display control, intelligent monitoring and visual management, commercial projection, etc.

the fourth generation laser light source DLP unit

adopts the latest laser pure laser light source technology, with super bright 2500ansi lumen and advanced redundant backup function, It integrates a number of intelligent adjustment and control technologies and real-time monitoring technology of working status, representing the highest international technical level of the industry. The significant advantages and values of the dvs-70-hd DN display unit include but are not limited to:

Figure 2: the fourth generation laser light source DLP large screen splicing display screen

3.5mm ultra narrow edge LED backlight LCD unit

adopts the latest LED backlight technology professional LCD panel, the third generation 3.5mm ultra narrow physical splicing and ultra-thin unit box design, which can be used for any M N and special-shaped splicing, and the installation accuracy and product ease of use have reached the leading level in the industry. Professional splicing effect and super strong signal processing and display ability meet the application needs of security monitoring, control and command center, commercial display, etc. The significant advantages and values of lw-5580 Series LCD display units include but are not limited to:

figure 3:3.5mm ultra narrow edge LED backlight LCD splicing display screen

led small spacing display screen

LED light-emitting tubes with high luminous efficiency, pixel level point control technology, high-speed brush and gray-scale control technology are used to make the cost investment more cost-effective, make the monitoring of equipment performance possible, and make viewing more real and comfortable, The significant advantages and values of delta small spacing LED display include but are not limited to:

figure 4:p1.5led small spacing display

intelligent display and control system, creating data visualization

in terms of display and control system solutions, it focuses on two mature products: the second generation DVCS distributed image control system suitable for large splicing system, and the system based on IOT IPEMs intelligent monitoring and visual operation management system, a leading visual application platform of cloud computing technology. Through the demonstration of various industry application scenarios and signals, it shows advanced solutions with excellent performance for users of different industries and sizes

the second generation DVCS distributed image control system

on the basis of inheriting the advantages of the first generation DVCS, the second generation DVCS distributed image control system adopts advanced DSP digital signal processing chip and large-scale array signal processing chip FPGA, and embeds the second generation high-quality, low delay, low bandwidth codec algorithm with independent intellectual property rights to realize full HD, real-time (60 frames/second) high-performance image acquisition, coding, transmission Decoding and synchronous display. The remarkable advantages and values of dvcs2 distributed image control system include but are not limited to:

image processing performance is comprehensively improved, all signals are processed and displayed in real time at 60 frames/s

input and output support 2K resolution, and support user-defined resolution

dual Gigabit port design, Support network automatic redundancy while improving processing performance

support gis/gps/power scada/line dispatching sig ultra high score signal display

support IP digital streaming media video direct processing display

support interworking and sharing display of large screen signals in multiple control centers and emergency command rooms

support mutual image display between display walls

support wireless control of iPad wi fi touch screen

support real-time echo display of signal window Preview

Support PC signal source client operation control

support remote control and multi-user partition control

Figure 5: second generation DVCS distributed image control system

ipems intelligent monitoring and visual operation management system

ipems intelligent monitoring and visual operation management system is a multi system data integrated display platform based on DVCS distributed system, which is composed of IPEMs data processor (DPC) and IPEMs software, Based on IOT and cloud computing, using cross browser HTML5 and cross platform Java technology, it can comprehensively display a variety of industry related data in the form of column chart, curve, pie chart, etc., to achieve an intuitive, interactive, comprehensive, WYSIWYG display effect, and to achieve comprehensive, real-time and visual data display. The significant advantages and values of the IPEMs system include but are not limited to:

each functional module can be flexibly deployed according to industry requirements to meet multi industry applications

associate and integrate the original independent business system data

visually display the system operation data in the visual effect of vector configuration

through histogram, curve, pie chart, dashboard, video, text Display in the form of dynamic special effects

full screen ultra-high resolution and ultra-high definition dynamic comprehensive display

support user data extraction and access in various ways by placing the test piece on the pressure plate of the experimental machine, and provide rich component libraries

can set a variety of layout combination modes, and can quickly call the display mode or execute the automatic mode

can click in GIS to realize the linkage of viewing relevant data information

with data management Alarm management, user management, report management and other 11 function modules

can display images, operate and control through wired terminals and handheld wireless terminals

can realize remote remote, multi-level architecture data comprehensive display through wide area

meet the requirements of petroleum, petrochemical, electricity, communication System data display and application requirements of energy and other industries figure 6:ipems intelligent monitoring and visual operation management system reliable video monitoring system to ensure operation safety whether in industrial sites, please consult the Ancheng command center for details, or in commercial spaces and municipal service halls, the large screen display system as a display platform is becoming more and more important. Its normal operation is not only related to enterprise revenue and equipment operation, Even with public security has become inseparable. Dvsweb video intelligent monitoring system is a real-time monitoring system for the safe operation of DLP large screen system equipment. It can continuously monitor and display the working status of the equipment in real time and provide a variety of alarm methods, so that the possible faults of the system can be effectively handled and maintained in advance, reduce the system fault rate, and comprehensively ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the large screen display system. The remarkable advantages and values of dvsweb video intelligent monitoring system include but are not limited to:

following the working principle of normal state monitoring + abnormal state alarm

providing comprehensive real-time monitoring of unit movement status for 7-24 hours, fault alarm

providing detailed location of fault parts and fault handling methods in the form of diagrams, the industry's best

b/s architecture, supporting local and remote real-time system state monitoring

supporting windows system Support ios/android mobile terminals

support wide area remote monitoring, support email notification alarm

reduce large screen system maintenance costs and user spare parts

wireless collaboration system is delta's latest product for notebook and mobile terminal access to large screen system for display. It can flexibly access mobile notebook, iPad, Android mobile devices and other image display terminals, and can also access network PC desktop images, Provide leading solutions for access and display of temporary signal source, mobile signal source and network signal source in command and control center. Wireless desktop Association 5 The significant advantages and values of the driving system of the electronic tensile testing machine include but are not limited to:

supporting the wireless access display of mobile terminals such as notebook, iPad and Android Tablet

but the material science has its particularity. It is compatible with PC, MAC, IOS and Android devices and other terminals to access

at the same time and use 2.4GHz 5GHz at the same time, Ensure smooth wireless connection

support wi fi/Ethernet dual simultaneous access

support simultaneous connection of up to 64 terminals

support wired/wireless desktop instant annotation and push display

the new digital media playback system launched in 2015 is based on computer network IP digital transmission, adopts centralized control and unified management, and can release notices, announcements, pictures, and other forms in the form of text, images, audio and video Advertising and other information, and playing video, animation, etc. Production, network transmission and control broadcast are carried out according to the needs of users, and multiple display terminals can be controlled at the same time, such as LCD screen, plasma, projector, LED screen, etc. The system can be widely used in shopping malls, intelligent buildings, hospitals, banks, governments, transportation hubs, hotels and communities

Figure 7: on-site visitors visit delta video monitoring and display system solutions

as the world's leading video imaging manufacturer, delta video not only continuously innovates products leading the industry, but also adheres to the idea that the best experience can be provided to users through the industry solution integrating display and control. On the scene of this exchange meeting, a series of excellent solutions in the fields of petroleum and petrochemical, security, electric power, etc. were displayed through simulation scenarios. With innovative design, excellent performance and reliable quality, we will lead users to experience the excellence of intelligent control data from multiple perspectives in an all-round way. This exchange meeting is just a starting point and appearance of delta video in 2015. We look forward to bringing more excellent products and solutions to more users in the future

about Delta

founded in 1971, delta group is a leading manufacturer of power management and cooling solutions, and occupies a world-class important position in many product fields. In the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, energy management and intelligent green life. Meanwhile, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving equipment

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