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Guarantee of heat supply - Panshan Power Generation: strengthen the elimination of equipment defects

Panshan Power Generation strengthens the elimination of equipment defects

Ding Hong, the correspondent of China Power News, saw mahongying's report that after entering the heat supply period, Tianjin Guohua Panshan Power Generation Co., Ltd. took the heat supply as the production, so it should take the important task of the shaft sleeve, continue to improve personnel awareness, make careful adjustment, do a good job of equipment inspection, ensure coal supply, and do a solid job of heat supply, The warm current will be continuously sent to thousands of quality households to ensure the warmth of users in the area

raise awareness and strengthen implementation. The plant attaches great importance to the heating work in winter, regards the heating equipment as the main equipment, and the heating problem is more important than the general production problem, defines the heating responsibilities and requirements, and all departments strengthen the work contact, refine the division of labor, strengthen the implementation, and do a good job in the heating work

carefully adjust to ensure that the parameters meet the standard. The plant carefully monitors and adjusts the parameters of heat supply equipment, makes parameter adjustment according to load changes and heat dispatching instructions, and actively communicates with the power dispatching. The following describes how to select the model of experimental machine for adjustment according to specific conditions, set the upper and lower limits of load, ensure the load required for heat supply, and ensure that the heat supply temperature meets the standard. Working hard to cultivate the border town with the spirit of craftsman, this special battlefield helps to achieve the wonderful performance of "Jiangsu Silicon Valley", strengthen patrol inspection and ensure equipment safety. The operating personnel shall strengthen the inspection of heat supply facilities and equipment, strengthen the troubleshooting of hidden dangers, make every effort to do a good job in the patrol inspection and defect treatment of heat supply equipment, and timely handle the defects found to ensure the safe and stable operation of heat supply equipment

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