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How does the paint enterprise fall into a vicious circle

how did coating enterprises fall into a vicious circle

May 27, 2015

[China paint information] after entering the 21st century, China's economy has always maintained rapid development. The rapid economic development has driven real estate and a large number of industries, including the paint industry. Among all industries in the country, the coating industry is only a small part, but it affects everyone's living environment and health. According to statistics, at present, there are nearly 4000 coating enterprises above Designated Size in China, mainly small and medium-sized coating enterprises, which are mixed in terms of product quality, business model and technology research and development. Their investment in technology research and development is relatively small, and their technology research and development capacity is weak. The result of backward technology is that the homogenization of coating products is becoming more and more serious, which eventually leads to the whole coating industry falling into a vicious circle

the lack of technology is that China's national coating enterprises can only squeeze into the middle and low-end market and compete for market share with low profit margin. As for high value-added special coatings used in steel structures, petrochemical industry, aircraft, automobiles, ships, hydraulic universal material testing machine installation precautions, nuclear power and other fields, they are almost the world of foreign brands. Their prices are usually very high, and their gross profit is also very high, but national brands can only look at the world and sigh. Although some domestic large-scale coating enterprises have achieved phased results in the development of aerospace coatings, marine coatings, marine coatings, marine coatings, automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, nuclear power and other phenomena called "superplastic" coatings, wind power coatings, etc., large-scale industrial production has not yet been achieved, and they still need to be imported; Other high-end fields are still in the stage of scientific research tracking. The high-end raw materials are in the hands of foreign paint giants, and the lack of independent innovation ability has affected the development of high value-added paint products. The lack of standard specifications is the reason for the lack of innovation ability and backward technology of domestic paint enterprises

for the traditional coating industry, only advanced production technology can produce high-quality coating products, and finally win the market and obtain greater profits. In order to encourage coating enterprises to increase R & D efforts and promote the healthy development of the entire coating industry, the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology has formulated 14 standards related to data storage in the coating and pigment industry to regulate the health development of the entire coating industry. 3. It is a flame retardant polymer exhibition. Global coatings learned that these 14 standards related to coatings and pigments include: Industrial cobalt sulfate, industrial zinc phosphate, industrial basic copper carbonate, industrial basic copper chloride Zinc borate flame retardant, industrial aluminum hypophosphite, low zinc primer, cold coated zinc coating, aqueous inorganic phosphate solvent resistant anticorrosive coating, aqueous alkyd resin coating, aluminum pigment for coating part 3: polymer coated aluminum powder, aluminum pigment for coating part 4: vacuum aluminum plating suspension, sprayed rubber (14430640.00,4.64%) asphalt waterproof coating, waterborne polyurethane flooring material

the introduction of the new standard will help to improve the overall level of the development of the domestic coating industry, and is bound to promote the healthy development of the domestic coating industry. However, the coating industry is composed of thousands of coating enterprises, which will play a vital role in promoting the development of the whole coating industry. We can see from the 14 relevant standards of the coating and pigment industry that the focus is industrial coatings. Although the share of industrial coatings is less than that of architectural coatings at present, it plays an important role in the process of industrial development in China. Especially in the aerospace and aviation fields, the introduction of the new standards will strengthen the technological research and development of domestic coating enterprises in the high-end field, and it is also an important force to promote the nationalization of China's national coating enterprises into the high-end coating field

the rapid development of domestic macro-economy has promoted the rapid growth of the number of domestic coating enterprises. When the domestic macro-economy is normalized, the growth rate of the demand for paint products in the downstream market slows down, and the requirements for the quality and indicators of paint products are higher and higher, which will make a number of paint enterprises without core technology withdraw from the paint industry. According to the statistics of the number of powder coating production enterprises in China in 2014, we found that compared with 2013, the number of powder coating production enterprises in some provinces has declined in 2014, and the powder coatings eliminated by the city are those enterprises without core technology

the introduction of various standards of the coating industry by the state can guide and promote the healthy development of the coating industry to a great extent, but more importantly, coating enterprises need to follow the rules. In the whole coating industry, there are not a few coating enterprises that cheat and fake. They are the root cause of disrupting the market. However, we believe that today, with the steady development of the domestic economy, with the introduction of new standards in the domestic coating industry and the increasing technical research and development of large coating enterprises, under the increasing external pressure, those coating enterprises without core production technology will eventually be eliminated by the market. Therefore, in order not to be eliminated by the market, coating enterprises should strengthen the research and development of new technologies and products, as well as the reserve of technical talents

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