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How managers make employees accept suggestions

I have some insights in communication, and I will share them with you:

1 Before the talk, create a relaxed atmosphere and try to implement the whole process

2. The tone of conversation should be gentle, and you can't yell loudly. The more you are like this, the greater his psychological resistance, and the more difficult it is for you to achieve your goal

3. Before we talk, we'd better talk about his recent work performance. Note that you can only pick the place where he has performed well and affirm his recent work (young people, especially to make them able to withstand the long-term exposure of ultraviolet light/sunlight, pay attention to this, and hope that their performance can be approved by others, including myself). After you say yes to him, it is 99% possible that he has eight white teeth on his face, hehe

4. Well, he has been vaccinated and his resistance has been strengthened. Emerald flower! It's time for the main course. Then the conversation turned, "but you still have devices that can turn a certain mechanical quality into electricity output that are not well made in this and that place. See for yourself... Is that right?", Sure enough, he laughed, acting shy, and immediately assured, "don't worry, you'll never see me again..."

5. Then, after a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on the screw, he talked about how he planned to change it, discussed the improvement methods, and gave him some suggestions

6. Finally, I expressed my full confidence in him and trust in his ability. In this way, the subordinate left happily

some experiences:

a) I found myself inadvertently using Hamburg theory^_^ It has proved the correctness and effectiveness of this theory with its own practical actions

b) you can't force anyone who should check the joint to accept your point of view. You can only guide him and make him aware of his own problems. So in the future, don't directly tell your subordinates that this is right and wrong. The key is to wake him up and let him realize that this is a mistake

c) try to improve your self-cultivation, and practice until you are happy and angry. Even if you are in a bad mood, be gentle. First, make others easy to accept yourself; Second, don't spread your bad mood to others. Bad mood is a kind of "plague"

d) we should make good use of the encouragement method of praise, and we should use it with perfection

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