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How can the machine tool industry bid farewell to "relying on imports" and march into a manufacturing power

in recent years, with the obvious improvement of China's machine tool industry, the industry has achieved rapid growth. However, it is perfect that in terms of high-end CNC products, we rely heavily on exports. Therefore, it is urgent for the international machine tool industry to speed up the adjustment of property layout and complete self-reliance

according to rare data, the overall prosperity index of China's machine tool East-West industry in 2015 was only 34.5%, and fell by 8.8% year-on-year in 2014. The contradiction between industry consumption and production layout is prominent. Primary CNC machine tools basically rely on exports, and their growth is limited by western countries. In addition, many scientific research functions discussed in China are just "empty words are useless" and have not embarked on the practical road

facing the basic environment of the machine tool industry in the future, the state has made great efforts to get rid of it, announced relevant policies and programs, and encouraged the four major categories of the machine tool industry to complete self-supporting growth. As early as 2006, the State Council announced the national plan for the development of durable science and Technology (), which listed CNC machine tools as a major national scientific and technological project, and issued national subsidies in related areas. In 2010, the State Council reviewed and passed the decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and growth of strategic emerging properties. The decision understands that "high-end equipment manufacturing industry" is listed as one of the seven strategic emerging properties, and the state will focus on accelerating the promotion speed and strengthening the fiscal, tax and financial policies of equipment manufacturing industry. The "made in China 2025" released in 2015 also listed primary CNC machine tools as one of the top ten key areas of the strategy for the growth of China's manufacturing industry. Following this strategy, we will break through the growth of key areas and focus on the ten major key areas including primary CNC machines

the growth of machine tool industry not only needs the support of national policies, but also depends on the innovation of enterprises themselves. For enterprises, the way to grow and settle down is to consolidate the manufacturing foundation, develop old-fashioned technology and improve production and quality. International machine tool enterprises need to change the production concept of "machine tools that only produce products with the greatest benefits", and seek to break through the scope of high-end CNC machine tools from the low-end positioning of machine tool products. Secondly, innovation is the driving force of enterprise growth. International machine tool enterprises should stop innovating products, update production forms, and take the new growth path of total posterior spine system of chart 3

over the past few years, CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprises represented by listed enterprises have made progress, and their predecessors have engaged in technological research and innovation. For example, the A and C swing angle high-speed machining center developed by Shenyang machine tool has dealt with the difficulties of large-scale aluminum alloy high-speed machining in the aviation field. At the same time, Shenyang machine tool can set the control mode to the general mode turning milling compound machine tool with good speed closed loop and pressure closed loop, which has improved the accuracy and processing efficiency of ship large-scale crankshaft processing, and played an important role in dealing with the achievements of China's ship power lag. The bridge type 5-axis gantry machining center opened by Jinan No. 2 machine tool plant has dealt with the processing difficulties of titanium alloy forgings in the aerospace field

despite the recent growth of China's machine tool industry, it is critical to seek breakthroughs in high-end technology, speed up the adjustment of property layout, and complete independent innovation. With good corporate reputation and household registration monument, on the one hand, enterprises should try their best to innovate, strengthen research and development, independently grasp the core technology, and actively have in-depth dialogue with users in key areas to jointly complete utilization; On the other hand, the demand policy has made great efforts to support, guide the supply and demand sides to strengthen contact, and encourage enterprises to adopt domestic high-end machine tools. At the mercy of the bow, we can not only speed up to make up for the actual shortcomings, but also understand the growth goals and priorities of property. Therefore, in order to measure the yield characteristics of materials, we should promote the technical level of property characteristics piecemeal, vigorously promote the growth of primary CNC machine tools, and complete the change from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power

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