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How does lighting affect machine vision applications

the machine vision system that outputs the most quality depends on image quality. High quality images enable the system to accurately interpret the information extracted from the detected object, which can produce reliable and repeatable system performance. The image quality required in any visual application depends to a large extent on the lighting conditions: color, angle and the perfect device using the lighting object. The number of light sources in the manufacturing and terminal utilization links means the difference between good images, which may produce the usual narrow speed range, high speed or low speed to produce better performance, and will also bring poor quality images and produce bad results

machine vision lighting should maximize feature contrast while minimizing other remaining contrast, so that the camera can clearly see parts or marks. High contrast features simplify integration and improve reliability; Poor contrast images and irregular lighting require more effort from the system, and also increase processing time. The optimal lighting depends on the size of the detected object, its surface features and some geometric features. DuPont and Dow will still save the original company name and system requirements. It has a wide range of wavelength (color) and field of view (size). For special application needs, it can flexibly choose machine vision lighting

when choosing lighting, the following five aspects should be considered:

1 Is the surface smooth or rough

2. Is the surface dim or bright

3. Is the object curved or flat through various signal processing

4. What is the color of bar code or mark

5. Is it detecting moving objects or stationary objects

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