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How does "Internet +" affect the development of traditional plastic industry

the second world interconnection conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province on December. With the advent of the Internet era, people's lives have been inseparable from the Internet. The Internet is also constantly changing the face of people's lives, affecting the development direction of various industries, and promoting the rapid progress of the world. So how does "Internet +" affect the development of traditional plastic industry

for a long time, the plastic industry has been an important pillar of the national economy. With the rapid growth of the plastic industry, many problems will inevitably be exposed behind it, such as the mismatch between capacity expansion and demand growth, different transmission mechanisms of upstream costs, low industrial concentration ratio, and weak bargaining power of drivers only in the process of movement, resulting in low profit margins of the plastic industry. With the rise of raw materials and labor costs, the pressure on the production and development of plastic enterprises is increasing day by day, and the transformation and development of the plastic industry has become an inevitable trend

the introduction of made in China 2025 points out the direction for the plastic chemical industry. At present, traditional industries have entered the era of low profits, and the task of transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment is very arduous. In addition to focusing on promoting technological innovation and developing new plastic chemical materials, it has become an important measure to transform traditional industries and promote industrial economic development by improving information technology. The import volume is affected by the large import of precious non-metallic minerals such as diamonds

in addition, The State Council actively promotes "Internet + action" proposed that we should vigorously develop industrial e-commerce in metal and non-metal mechanical property experiments, encourage energy, plastics, chemical, steel companies to produce 20000 tons of iron phosphate, pharmaceutical and other industry enterprises, actively use e-commerce platforms to optimize procurement and distribution systems, and improve business efficiency. We should promote the online transformation of various professional markets, and guide traditional commercial circulation enterprises and e-commerce enterprises Integrate resources and actively transform to a supply chain collaboration platform

Internet has become an important channel for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional plastic industry. At present, many enterprises have achieved enterprise upgrading and development through e-commerce platforms. For example, a water-based coating enterprise in Henan Province recently reported a new sales volume of 31.05 million yuan in this year's "double 11" Carnival, and became the champion of "double 11" coating e-commerce sales

in addition, with the diversified development of Internet platforms, professional plastic information platforms built for the traditional plastic industry, such as Huicong plastic and global plasticization, have emerged one after another, providing perfect network channels and supporting services for traditional plastic enterprises. The newly emerging bulk plastic trading platforms Haixi, Dayi Yousu, and buychemsu help to standardize the industry's trading mode, avoid offline trading risks, and promote the industry's multi-channel development

as the second world interconnection conference is about to open, we expect that this event will provide more directional guidance for the traditional plastic industry on how to promote industrial transformation and upgrading in the context of the global economic slowdown. With the help of "Internet +" Dongfeng, the traditional plastic industry has taken on a new look

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