How does the hottest PLC control the self starting

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How can PLC control the self starting of motor groups

compared with relay control, PLC control motor group self starting is an ideal self starting technology at present, which is reliable and simple, and more economical and practical than computer control, so it has been more and more widely used. The basic requirements for motor self starting control are reliability and rapidity. The specific points are as follows:

1. Strictly control the warm-up starting of each batch of motors from the international market in the scheduled order to meet the requirements of process continuity

2. The total power of each batch of motors is not greater than the determined maximum starting power, so as to prevent the relay protection action caused by excessive starting current, or the low voltage pressure testing machine, also known as electronic pressure testing machine, makes it difficult to start the motor

3. Control the self starting of the motor according to the operation information before the fault and the set voltage and current. If there are no running motors in a batch, as long as the voltage and current meet the requirements, the next batch will be started directly to realize rapid self starting

4. The first batch of self starting has a certain time delay to avoid the influence of the residual voltage of the motor and prevent the closing impact on the motor

Precautions for pressure testing machine

5. Set a certain action in the PLC program. At least one article prompts to delay, give the residual voltage a decay time, and only act once to prevent the motor from starting again in a short time

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