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How packaging design can bring beauty under the premise of displaying the brand

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core tip: packaging designers know that the first five seconds on the shelf are crucial to attract consumers. But they are not and should not be the only selling point of commodities

[BASF hopes to participate in the formulation of relevant standards in Jilin, China Packaging News] packaging designers know that the first five seconds on the shelf are crucial to attract consumers. But they are not and should not be the only selling point of commodities

for a long time, I have been deeply impressed by the excessive packaging of beautiful consumer goods on retail shelves. Most of these packages are artistic, and some use exaggeration, so the absolute error of force measurement of traditional experimental machines is calculated according to the percentage of the range, or a comparative, simple, eccentric and even humorous artistic technique. If packaging is only for art, then these packaging is really admirable, but it is not, right? However, art packaging is full of blog circles of designers, dealers and brand managers. Some even won awards

there is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, but it is not necessary to turn to selling brand products. To support this view, I have repeatedly observed the goods on the shelves of food stores, toy stores, body care stores or other stores. Look at our packing. Find a feature that you think is particularly attractive. Can you tell me what this product is at a glance? Can you identify its brand? Next, can you point out what makes this brand more satisfactory than the adjacent products on the shelf

about five years ago, I wrote an article entitled 20 seconds determines life and death. The article points out that the average browsing time of consumers for goods on retail shelves is 20 seconds, and explains its importance and the importance of developing effective brand packaging. For a brand, the most beautiful consumer goods packaging that has not been sold on the shelf does more harm than good; It means wasting marketing costs and losing opportunities to contact customers

after that: a recent article on packaging digest revealed that research showed that consumers took only five seconds to make purchase decisions about goods on the shelf. Five seconds! This is not surprising for consumers who are bombarded by language and vision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consumers have become very good at blocking most of these stimuli. Therefore, for packaging, in addition to making products and brands attract consumers' shorter attention cycle, is there a more urgent task than this

marketers need to find a balance between developing attractive packaging and communicating with consumers in a convincing way by sharing the unique attributes of the brand. Isn't this what packaging should do when it is fully utilized

with the increasingly serious commercialization, consider how a new product (such as children's juice) can highlight its subtle main characteristics on crowded shelves through effective packaging. Bright packaging labels that highlight entertainment fill retail shelves, although some of these brands have unique packaging structures. Good2grow juice stands out from all other generic brands on the shelf. Co branding often reflects children's favorite entertainment features, but these features generally do not appear on the packaging label. They usually appear on the top of hot formed and strangely shaped sippatops, so that they can easily arouse the consumption interest of young children and children. Recently, some licensing features have constantly appeared on good2grow juice bottles: Hello Kitty, Thomas Tank Engine, adventurous Dora, Hulk, Disney Princess Sofia, Mickey and Minnie, flying brother and Little Buddha, Barbie doll, Captain America and Ninja Turtle crown. Children are also happy to collect these

the surrounding label depicts fresh fruit with bright colors and limited oral brand communication: 100% fruit, no sugar - which is very important for parents. In addition, there is a replacement package, in which parents can simply put sippatops juice into juice bottles. This is a very excellent brand packaging

how to release new packaging? Although it has established a good image for its brand products, method still disrupts the position of products in each category through continuous packaging innovation, exceeding the expectations of customers. In order to strengthen the sustainable development message of the enterprise, method's dish+hand soap is encapsulated in a drop like package, which is partially made of recycled marine plastic and partially made of recycled plastic after consumption, which is a benefit to the environment. Shaped water drops are part of a unique packaging structure. The neck label depicts a fish and a sentence: a packaging bottle made of marine plastic, while enhancing the brand's communication. Simple but profound; Be able to stand out on retail shelves

how to package destructive products in the new category? Hasbro pointed out the packaging method of the new generation (girl) combat toy nerfrebelle (a sub brand of nerf children's brand). Hasbro has been successful with rebelle's shockwave production line, both in establishing the reputation of the recent heroine (such as katnisseverdeen in the hunger game) and in urging girls to use their own nerf weapons against past nerf shockwave sneak attacks by male friends and brothers and sisters

the packaging in pink, red and purple colors can bring attraction without reminding people of the traditional concept of girls' series. It is not an attempt to create a soft version of the boys' brand that would appeal to girls. In fact, it completely includes the positive attitude of nerf brand in product style, brand and pattern, as well as lively product names (such as heartbreaker, pink crush and sweet revenge). The uniqueness of nerf rebelle is reflected in the darts of different colors and designs (which can be used as a collection), and the nerf rebelle application, which enables the girls in the group to communicate with each other in the shock wave battle. Brand communication warns girls to take steps and stand up. Therefore, this information is authorized. It is hoped that under the leadership of Hasbro, more toy brands will appear in this encouraging new field

simple packaging: is it effective? All popular simple packaging has been accused of saying more than doing less. Despite the reckless reduction of visual and verbal cues, products and brands should still be sold. Packaging must let people quickly grasp the key points, otherwise it will not be sold. Incase is a brand that has successfully achieved this. The company, known for its iPhone and iPad accessories, has recently fallen into competition with earphones in Apple's retail stores, so it has to carry out simple packaging to meet Apple's standards

Apple has strict requirements for the project specifications of the new packaging: regardless of the width of the headset, it must be able to meet the specific footprint needs in the retail store. The packaging design budget is half of the industry standard, so it has to reach 1. 5% within four weeks The jaw was not properly clamped to the factory, instead of the usual eight week minimum cycle time. Not only should the accessories arrive at the factory one week in advance, but also the packaging should arrive within the next four weeks

the solution is: in order to make the earphones reasonably placed in the package, the side placement method is adopted. The packaging design meets the high expectations of Apple retail stores. Special surface materials, surface printing colors, and windowing display (a feature of Apple products - high-end appearance and feel) are all completed in the packaging design. The simple and elegant product design highlights the choice of monochrome headphones with high-tech black and gray backgrounds

incase brand logo appears in the upper left corner of the front of the package and the vertical part of the side. The product has a good visual experience, the comfort of sponge headset and the commitment to performance. Brand communication is limited to head worn or portable product names. At the bottom right of the package, the compatibility with iPad, iPod or iPhone products is marked. This is a perfect combination of incase and apple brand packaging

there are various choices for each category of products, so how can the packaging be commercially viable while maintaining beauty? How to point out the expectation of a brand in many other products in five seconds? Beauty should not be placed before brand. Brand is the most important of all. Packaging and other marketing activities must stand out in front of truly important consumers

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