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How can Internet enterprises expand the new territory of three integration?

in 2012, the pilot scope of three integration in China added 42 regions (cities) on the basis of 12 cities in 2010, and the development prospect of three integration is very broad. Obviously, the accelerated promotion of "three convergence" by the state has benefited radio and television operators and telecommunications operators, as well as relevant equipment manufacturers providing optical cables, optical fibers, set-top boxes and other products

however, at present, three convergence is only the stage of radio and television and telecommunications industries, and it is difficult to find Internet enterprises. Internet enterprises seem to be "integrated". For the Internet industry, the concept of "three convergence" means the competitive pressure brought by the entry of many state-owned enterprises in the field of telecommunications and radio and television, rather than being able to see the broad opportunities given to Internet enterprises in the field of telecommunications and radio and television. For example, when planning its own Backbone Construction recently, Tencent faced pressure from telecom operators and announced to stop the backbone planning

in this regard, an analyst at Analysys International said that in the long run, Internet enterprises with diversified content, innovative services and extensive communication channels are the biggest beneficiaries of the three integration. So, how should Internet enterprises recognize and grasp their own advantages and explore new territories of "three integration"

facing the challenge of "being integrated"

a person in charge of an Internet company said that radio and television operators and telecommunications operators can enter two directions in the three integration and operate more businesses. But at present, few people say that "there is an Internet company in terms of cost performance" can enter the field of telecommunications and radio and television. "This shows that under the three integration, Internet enterprises only have the share of 'being integrated'."

the reality is that Internet enterprises do not want to enter, but "dare not" enter. The key reason is that the basic backbone network used by Internet enterprises is built by telecom operators. To some extent, Internet enterprises must establish a good relationship with operators to ensure the smoothness of their networks. Although Internet companies, including Baidu, Alibaba and Google, have the strength to build their own backbone and have built their own communication infrastructure in recent years, they are still inseparable from the network of operators

relevant experts of hill consulting said that once the business scope of Internet enterprises affects the core business market of operators, they are likely to be undercut by operators. Therefore, in the fuzzy area where telecom business and Internet business intersect, the development of Internet enterprises will be more constrained. The collapse of sp industry has explained some problems from a certain level. Previously, after SP, a brand-new telecom value-added service business model, touched the interests of Telecom, it was immediately renovated, and it fell flat after being renovated

in addition to the network, the problems of asymmetric regulation and asymmetric competition in policies also hinder Internet enterprises from entering the field of telecommunications and radio and television

Internet enterprises such as Tencent, with their existing user groups and capital capabilities, are entirely possible to become a virtual telecom operator. However, if VoIP and other policies are not open, there is only the integration of telecommunications and radio and television into the Internet industry, and there is no opportunity for the Internet industry to integrate radio and television and telecommunications

at present, the situation of the Internet industry has been very obvious, and the ability and willingness of radio, television and telecommunications to integrate are becoming stronger and stronger. For example, CCTV established CNTV to enter the field of Internet video. Domestic operators launched products such as fly chat, wing chat and wochat to meet the challenges of voice messaging software such as, meter chat, etc

in this case, how can Internet enterprises cope with such a one-way integration trend

the three experimental instruments are divided into eight categories according to the action object and function. Product convergence brings new advantages

in fact, the three convergence can significantly improve the speed of Internet access, and the transfer of access platforms to mobile terminals will be accelerated, which provides basic conditions for Internet enterprises to launch more innovative application services, such as e-commerce, payment, game business and other fields

in the view of the above-mentioned analysts, the three integration also brings new four advantages to Internet enterprises. First, the full competition between the telecommunications industry and the radio and television industry will weaken the industry monopoly of telecom operators and radio and television operators; Second, the thinking of telecommunications and radio and television has formed resistance to the transformation of the industry, and Internet enterprises will maintain their leading edge in the field of application services; Third, the three integration promotes the development of the aluminum profile used in the service module from the business operation centered to the user centered direction; Fourth, Internet enterprises accurately grasp user needs and have the competitive advantage of controlling user desktop and user experience

because of the openness of Internet business, the entry threshold of Internet enterprises is very low, and even individuals can operate stations. Moreover, Internet business often has cross regional characteristics, so the competition in this industry is the most intense and full, which creates the flexible viability of Internet enterprises. "In the future, Internet enterprises will definitely be the biggest beneficiaries of the three integration." Analysts from Analysys International said

accumulate the attitude of daring to try new technologies, and cooperation can reap the maximum benefits.

"Internet enterprises can do a good job in technology reserves, and strengthening cooperation can bring new opportunities for themselves." The above Analysys International analysts said that based on their existing advantages, if Internet companies want to make a difference in the context of "three integration", they must also solve the policy problems of too high threshold in the licensing of telecommunications operations, the access mechanism of radio and television, and active cooperation is an effective way

this view is recognized by Internet enterprises. The relevant person in charge of an Internet video company said that under the current situation, radio, television and telecommunications are using web2 The strength of O community (forum, SNS) to deeply intervene in the Internet, and the advantage of Internet enterprises lies in the relatively stable scale of users, the relatively mature grasp of some Internet Applications (such as network music, community, SNS, etc.), the deep understanding of user needs, and the ability to stick to users. "Cooperating and developing with radio, television and telecommunications in the future of 'three in one' is what Internet enterprises are most concerned about.

an analyst from iResearch consulting concluded that under the three integration, Internet enterprises can build a variety of cooperation methods. When Internet enterprises cooperate with telecom operators, one cooperation mode is" telecom operators introduce strategic partners + Internet enterprises provide information services ", Telecom operators and Internet enterprises can jointly provide Internet application services for incoming users, such as Chinatelecom and Microsoft to jointly launch search services and instant messaging tools. The other model is "telecom operators build value-added service platforms + Internet enterprises provide application services". The cooperation includes reading, video, music, software and other content services. For example, China Mobile establishes a business base and carries out content cooperation with Internet enterprises through mobile value-added service platforms

when Internet enterprises cooperate with radio and television operators, one cooperation mode is "radio and television operators provide content services + Internet enterprises provide content publishing channels". The two sides cooperate in online video services, such as Youku and Beijing Television and other televisions to establish online video cooperation. The other mode is "radio and television operators provide cable networks + Internet enterprises provide application services". The cooperation content includes e-commerce, games, videos, etc. for example, Hangzhou Huashu and Taobao carry out e-commerce services based on cable networks and TV terminals

in this way, Internet enterprises can meet the challenge of "being integrated", and finally realize the real three integration based on the business integration of their respective advantages. Communication world

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