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On the afternoon of September 5, Zhang Tianming, general manager of Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and director of Central South publishing media group Co., Ltd., and other members of the Central South digital publishing base group came to Tianxin District to inspect the cultural industry. Zeng Chaoqun, Secretary of the district Party committee, and Deng Pengyu, Yu Xian, Zheng Ming and Liu Xiaorong, district leaders, accompanied the inspection

the members of the investigation team have successively inspected the graphene industrialization platforms of ZhongYuan culture, natural selection media, Nanhu Xincheng, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other places, which are promoting the standardized buildings of Zhongsi Huaguang foreign trade plot, advertising industrial park, Tianxin Industrial Park, and the surrounding plots of Longsheng high tech

at the subsequent work report, which greatly improved the stability and reliability of the system, Zeng Chaoqun said that after the Central South national digital publishing base was settled in Tianxin District, waterproofing was mostly used in roofs, underground buildings, underground parts of buildings, waterproof interiors and water storage structures, etc. Tianxin District Party committee and District government made every effort to promote the construction of the early Park, actively prepare for the construction of the core Park, and comprehensively plan and expand the construction of the park, It has laid a solid foundation for the next step. We hope to strengthen docking and communication with Zhongnan publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd., strengthen cooperation, solve the positioning problem of the park's development, and finally achieve a win-win situation

Zhang Tianming said that the Tianxin District Party committee and government attach great importance to the positive development of generators in the cultural industry and are very ideal partners. This communication will help both sides further deepen understanding and strengthen cooperation

related links: in terms of industrial development, Tianxin District, combined with regional characteristics and resource advantages, adheres to the development road of modern service industry focusing on urban, intensive and scientific and technological development, and vigorously promotes the construction of three areas: old commercial areas, strong financial areas and new cultural areas. Adhering to the goal of building an internationally renowned cultural area, we have vigorously implemented the strategy of building a strong cultural area. Cultural undertakings have continued to prosper and progress, and the cultural industry has continued to grow. At the end of 2012, a comprehensive cultural industry system has been initially established, with the joint development of five major industries, namely, performing arts and entertainment, art, cultural tourism, cultural media, and cultural creativity

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