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Members of the column group of "integrity archives" were invited to visit juancheng Huaxing Glass

the "integrity to help upgrade Chinese brands action plan" jointly initiated by the central new film group, the credit Working Committee of the China Market Association, the national industry credit public service platform, and the China Radio and television network platform has been implemented. Since its implementation, nearly 100 representatives of integrity enterprises have been selected from thousands of registered enterprises to implement brand support strategies, Well received. The plan relies on the current good situation of China's economic development, takes promoting the construction of commercial integrity as the starting point, takes the brand as the main line, and takes integrity as the connotation, selects industry representative private enterprises nationwide as the support objects, starts with brand construction, and makes full use of the communication advantages of TV, Internet, and new media platforms. Combined with domestic advantages, it has recently proposed that waste plastics can be used as the authoritative media of printing materials through image Forums, exchange meetings, training salons and other forms of the company called China's integrity brand enterprises to build a platform for independent communication and common growth

recently, members of the column team of "integrity archives" were invited to visit juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. in view of the development trend and business philosophy of "Huaxing Glass", they reported it to the Organizing Committee of the "integrity assistance action plan for Chinese brand upgrading" and included it in the list of supported enterprises

juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. is located in juancheng, Heze City, Shandong Province, in the southwest of Shandong Province. It has a domestic advanced fully automatic glass production line, mainly producing all kinds of colored glass wine bottles, foreign wine bottles, glass bottles, etc; And equipped with deep-processing workshops such as gold painting, carving, flower baking, frosting, etc. It can be designed and processed according to customers' needs. It is a large-scale colored glass container manufacturing enterprise integrating production, design and sales

the Organizing Committee of the "action plan of integrity to help upgrade Chinese brands" quickly visited the local assembly line plants and distribution points of juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. and made a preliminary understanding of its operation, management mode and enterprise integrity

according to the stationmaster, juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. has a daily production capacity of more than 100000. Modeling and simulation tools that need to be improved are exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries. It is the most powerful leading enterprise of glass products in Southwest Shandong, and has quietly walked in the forefront of its peers. Integrity casts the brand, and the brand creates the future. The company continues to seek the transcendence of design inspiration, and sincerely invites glass experts from Shandong University to join in. There are 48 senior technicians with strong technical strength to ensure that the products are "high, new and sharp", so that the glass products are unique, concise and generous without losing elegance. At the same time, it reflects the concept of green environmental protection, and brings a rich and colorful process culture to different consumers. With advanced and efficient production technology and honest and pragmatic business philosophy, juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. has passed the project review of the Organizing Committee of the "integrity helps Chinese brand upgrading action plan", and will participate in the support projects as soon as possible to help the enterprise develop into a new stage

"integrity helps Chinese brand upgrading action plan" will, through the promotion of strong media, let the excellent and prosperous enterprises with integrity management share their achievements and experience, let the developing trustworthy enterprises show their potential and confidence, and then promote more excellent local enterprises with integrity management to become famous throughout the country, and promote the popularization of integrity and the maximization of high-quality brands with the integrity of Chinese enterprises. At that time, we will invite Li Yiya, chairman of juancheng Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd., to participate in more support activities for relevant enterprises in Shandong and across the country under the "integrity assistance action plan for Chinese brand upgrading", so as to jointly build a new trend for enterprise development

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