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The general meeting of the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association was held in Beijing

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core tip: on November 1, the general meeting of the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and the second first council were held in Beijing

[China Packaging News] on November 1, the general meeting of the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and the first session of the Second Council were held in Beijing

The meeting was presided over by Pan Yonggang, vice president and Secretary General of China Recycling Association, and Tang Yanju, Secretary General of the first Council of the waste paper branch, made the work report of the first Council. The report reviews the main work and achievements of the branch since its establishment in 2013. Over the past four years, the association has adhered to democracy in organizing the meeting. He has worked hard for the development of experimental machines for more than 10 years. All the comrades of the Secretariat have worked together to truly serve the competent government departments, industries and member units, which has been widely recognized, and the number of members has increased year by year, The social image of the waste paper recycling industry has been further improved

as an important topic of this general meeting, the list of the second board of directors was elected, and Wu Tao, general manager of Tianjin beire renewable resources Co., Ltd., was elected as the president of the new board of directors; Sun Jianbo, assistant general manager of China Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd., was elected executive vice president; Wang manxia, chairman of Dalian Golden triumph renewable resources acquisition Chain Co., Ltd., Fang Hao, general manager of Beijing Magic Quadrant Technology Co., Ltd., and Che Ying, assistant president of Anhui Shanying Paper Co., Ltd., were elected vice presidents; Tang Yanju, Deputy Secretary General of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, was elected as the Secretary-General to measure the actual moving distance of the pressure plate (or beam) with a caliper (or other measuring tools); Hu Jiawei, head of the business department of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, was elected deputy secretary general

the meeting also commended the excellent members of the first session of the Council, and 27 units such as Tianjin Light Chemical Xuyang International Trade Co., Ltd. were awarded the title of "excellent member"

in order to promote the better development of the waste paper utilization industry, the specific length of the ring machine can be customized according to the length of the sample. In response to the spirit of the national renewable resources policy, the Secretariat of the association visited and investigated the member enterprises, actively listened to the suggestions and appeals of the members, and creatively put forward several proposals for the current situation of the industry, including "the establishment of the waste paper trading center alliance", "the establishment of the China waste paper supply chain alliance" "Set up waste paper intelligent equipment and information technology research and development center", etc. These proposals received positive responses from the majority of member enterprises, and enterprise representatives spoke enthusiastically at the meeting and put forward many constructive suggestions. The Secretariat of the association said that in the near future, it will continue to widely solicit opinions from all parties, formulate reasonable and operable plans, and strive to implement these proposals as soon as possible

At the end of the meeting, the association invited financial and tax experts from well-known domestic accounting firms to communicate with member enterprises on the spot in view of the current "difficult Invoicing" problem prevalent in the industry. The representatives were frank, expressed their views, and jointly looked for ways to solve tax problems. It is generally believed that in the past, there were indeed some non-standard behaviors in the industry, which led to some prejudice of the national tax department against the waste paper recycling industry. Now the strict management and law enforcement are gradually standardizing the development of the industry. In the future, the waste paper recycling industry should also adhere to self-discipline, integrity and sunshine management to jointly maintain the reputation of the industry

on November 2, the second China recycled paper industry conference will continue in Beijing. After experiencing the roller coaster like market in October, the meeting was held at the right time to encourage the use of suitable and multi-purpose products. All major domestic waste paper recycling and utilization enterprises, end customers, government departments, colleges and universities attended the meeting to discuss the general trend of industry development

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