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Accelerate the development of overseas markets and make an appearance with Fang Youyun at the Intel Sydney IPC

Sydney International Conference Center

from May 15 to 16, the two-day Intel partner connect 2019 Intel partner summit was grandly held at the Sydney International Conference Center, Australia. Nearly 1000 technology industry leaders from all over the world attended the meeting, discussing data centers, client computing and equipment, IOT New technology and storage technology. Tsinghua Tongfang attended the conference as a specially invited chief partner, showing a full set of IT infrastructure solutions from terminal to server, from platform to application software, which attracted the attention of the guests

registration office

exhibition board of participating partners

Tsinghua Tongfang booth

display of four products of Tongfang Youyun

video playback of Tongfang Youyun company and products

Tongfang Youyun and Intel are both CNCF members, working together to provide enterprise users with better cloud products and services. In this IPC, Tongfang Youyun showed an enterprise level cloud platform based on openstack open source technology of Intel Architecture, Distributed storage system based on CEPH's open software definition, container management platform based on kubernetes, and integrated industrial interconnected big data analysis system and intelligent application solutions

Zou Zhongfa, the pre-sales director of Tongfang Youyun, exchanged new technologies and trends of cloud computing with many participants who came to visit Tongfang's booth, introduced the latest product functions and values of Tongfang Youyun based on openstack, CEPH and kubernetes technologies, and made a demonstration and explanation of relevant products based on the technical parameters of horizontal tensile testing machine. Tongfang cloud products have been widely recognized

Tongfang Youyun's pre-sales director explained

Tsinghua Technology to the guests, gathering Tongfang. Since its establishment in 1997, after 22 years, Tsinghua Tongfang has always adhered to the high-quality strategy based on the needs of users and the technological innovation of the accuracy and stability of kekan tensile machine test data. So far, it has become a comprehensive provider of IT infrastructure from hardware to software. The appearance of this IPC Conference has attracted wide attention again, causing strong anti SEO response. In the new technology era, Tongfang will continue to apply the latest technology of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other aspects to send a control actuator movement signal from the workstation, improve and develop products, create application-oriented products with software and hardware integration, and change life with technology

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