After years of development, Yangjiang has become a

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After years of development, Yangjiang has become a hardware knife and scissors industry base

after years of development, Yangjiang has become a hardware knife and scissors industry base. There are more than 1500 hardware knife and scissors enterprises and more than 300 service supporting enterprises in the city. It covers knives, kitchen knives, scissors, knife sets, multi-purpose pliers, kitchen (dining) utensils, barbecue utensils, flywheels, scaffolding, beauty tools, as well as special steel, plastics, electroplating, heat treatment, molds, knife shear machinery, hardware accessories and other industries supporting the production of hardware knives and scissors. Semi finished product processing and finished product manufacturers, circulation agents and other middlemen and market terminal merchants have formed a relatively perfect industrial chain

from the above data, it can be seen that the production-oriented enterprises that drive the development of the hardware knife and scissors industry are the main leaders, but the service supporting enterprises also contribute. Among many service supporting enterprises, the hardware and electrical supply industry seems to be inconspicuous, but the author interviewed Xingang Yuanxing hardware and Electrical Co., Ltd. and found that the supply of small hardware and electrical products plays an important role

dream of one-stop hardware hypermarket

Xingang Yuanxing is a hardware distribution center with large scale and many varieties of one-stop services in the city. Its business purpose is to be convenient, time-saving and efficient, and to provide diversified and differentiated hardware supporting products for the market in the mode of professional procurement and comprehensive sales, just like the "logistics department" in the field of production and construction

How did this one-stop hardware mall come into being

Lin Liangxue, general manager of Xingang · yuan electromagnetic directional valve 1, told the author that this stems from a dream he had many years ago. In the 1980s, he accelerated the pace of building an international first-class new material technology city. He was a factory worker. At that time, due to the lack of materials, it was difficult to purchase hardware accessories, which was time-consuming and laborious. If you buy a triangle belt, you have to queue up at the material Bureau. If you buy it wrong, you can't change it immediately. You have to wait four or five days. Most spare parts need to be purchased in Guangzhou, Zhanjiang and other places. Even a seal worth a few cents has to be found everywhere in Guangzhou. It costs hundreds of yuan to go back and forth for a few days, and the factory has to stop production

Lin Liangxue, who has experienced the pain of purchasing spare parts, realized that factories and enterprises should change kerosene to clean hardware accessories again in order to develop, and this industry will also make great achievements in the future. He made up his mind to open a one-stop hardware store so that manufacturers could meet their needs without leaving home. "Leave the problem to me". From then on, he resolutely operated the distribution of hardware products according to this concept to solve the procurement difficulties for enterprises

now, Lin Liangxue's dream is basically realized. Many enterprise purchasers report that a purchase order 2 Polyethylene chemical medium corrosion test method: through the test of three different solutions (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride), you can buy them all in Xingang Yuanxing one-stop shop. Even if some products are short, they can also buy them for free. You can do it even if you don't go to the mall. In fact, this model is also helping to reduce costs and create value for customers

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