Meishan, the hottest city in Sichuan Province, has

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Meishan, Sichuan Province: significantly reduce the pollution load of papermaking

once, the pollution load of the city remained high, and there were also serious pollution accidents in the city, such as dead fish in toad Yiyan, crop failure caused by waste residue of Wansheng small mirabilite, and dead fish in Qiuxi river. The Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and the executive meeting of the municipal government have studied the pollution control work for many times. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government have held pollution control work meetings for many times, formulated and issued the measures for assessing the performance of data processing of the first party and government leaders in districts and counties who are actually behind in environmental protection work, and signed the pollution control objectives with all (districts) and counties, (districts) and counties with all enterprises, implementing one vote veto. First of all, aiming at the structural and chronic pollution of pulp and paper industry in our city, 32 steam balls of 9 pulp and paper enterprises below the scale were forcibly demolished, and 9 pulp and paper enterprises above the scale were treated within a time limit. Enterprises that have a 10 minute wide utilization prospect while producing were successively treated. It is estimated that they will reach 116600 tons in 2018. During the processing and commissioning production period, enterprises that cannot meet the emission standards implemented 10 times of forced power cuts, and the Oriental red paper industry, which caused serious pollution accidents, was closed, Relevant persons are investigated. The city has successively invested 303 million yuan in the treatment of nine large-scale pulp and paper enterprises, so that the pollution of wastewater from paper-making enterprises, the main source of pollution, has finally been effectively treated. The water quality of Meishan section of Minjiang River has been significantly improved, and the water quality has been improved from the previous inferior five categories to four categories

gnawing at the hard bone of papermaking wastewater pollution control, it immediately launched the battle of pollution source treatment for 407 enterprises in five major industries: food, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, leather making and recycled paper. We will ban and close 23 resurgent 15 small enterprises and enterprises that do not conform to the national industrial policies, so that the standard compliance rate of water pollution enterprises will reach 95.7%, and the standard compliance rate of waste gas pollution enterprises will reach 97%. We will reduce 500 tons of chemical oxygen demand, 350 tons of ammonia nitrogen, and 450 tons of sulfur dioxide, the main pollutants. In 2006, the above three major pollutants were reduced by 15.8%, 9.1% and 14.1% respectively over the previous year

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