Meg, the second largest beverage manufacturer in G

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Meg, the second largest beverage manufacturer in Germany, plans to build a new PET recycling plant

soft drinks Co., Ltd. (MEG), located in central Germany, is subordinate to Schwartz group, which also owns chain supermarkets lidl and kaufland. MEG is the second largest beverage manufacturer in Germany, with a sales volume of 2.5 billion liters in Germany, and also sold throughout Europe. Since 2010, MEG has begun to recycle DPG (German deposit bottle system Co., Ltd.) deposit bottles sold in lidl and process them into recycled particles in its own recycling plant or by entrusting various outsourcing companies. Of course, you can eat or throw away all the bags directly, which must meet the requirements of very high quality, improper operation and so on. In order to further improve the ratio of recycled particles, MEG has built a recycling plant near Aachen

Krones received an order within the framework of the project to install processing modules and cleaning modules for grinding beverage bottles into thin sheets. For MEG, the key to making the flakes reach the first-class quality level lies in the technically fully intelligent core cleaning process in the Krones equipment. In addition, based on Krones' rich experience in the field of turnkey engineering, MEG also nominated Krones to be responsible for the early and late docking processes

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