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Evaluation and use: meizilan mzi/meizilan 909 leather bed storage bed super value package leather bed +2 cabinets

meizilan leather bed 1.8m double bed 1.5m soft bed small family storage bed wedding bed drawer bed

quality assurance of leather basswood frame on the first floor of the national mail package thousand city delivery

let me use this meizilan mzi/meizilan to adjust the experimental machine level blue 909 leather bed storage bed feeling:

surprise hair after the protective skin of the mattress is removed The current printing is a transparent layer wrapped on the mattress, which is so beautiful ~! And it can also prevent dirt from entering, which is really sweet ~! Lying down is soft and comfortable, fitting the body. It is really a Yongxing store. If you can send it to the north, you will change your bed for your relatives in the future Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

meizilan MZI/meizilan 909 leather bed storage bed specification parameters [View official promotional quotation]

product parameters:

whether the taxi is transportable: No. Solvay group will show the audience the company's latest light composite

package volume: 1.3

brand: meizilan mzi/meizilan

model: 909

installation instructions details: no installation instructions

whether it can be pre sold: Yes

style positioning: economic

coke enterprises in North China, East China and central China continue to raise their voices; Steel price slightly rebounded design elements: other log master design

Color Classification: Drawer Bed +9 partition Lavender latex mattress +2 cabinets

applicable number: 2 people

size: 1500mm*2000mm 1800mm*2000mm

whether it has storage space: Yes

whether it has soft cushion: Yes

shape: square

leather material: Leather

leather type: contact surface leather

material: Wood <

leather process: frosting

whether it can be customized: Yes

Style: simple and modern

place of origin: Guangdong Province

City: Foshan City

can be delivered/installed. They steal more than 20 loads: all cities

furniture structure: frame structure

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