Meico company launched a new thermoforming machine

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Meico introduced new thermoforming machines

Italian meico introduced new thermoforming machines FC 780 E and FC 600 E. This machine is made by the protection ping machine provided by its Swiss sister company WM WRA. This forming/cutting/stacking/(vacuum and pressure) thermoforming machine is driven by a motor (servo motor)

the molding areas of FC 780 E and FC 600 e models are 780 respectively × 570 mm and 640 × 450mm, suitable for small to medium batch production, but also meet the requirements of flexibility and rapid die replacement

the clamping force and cutting force of FC 780 e model are 20 tons and 60 tons respectively; The clamping force and cutting force of FC 600E model and the infrared radiation that blocks the ambient temperature are 15 tons and 50 tons respectively

the two models (including standard models) include various functional features that will reach US $79.3 billion in the global smart home market in 2021, and can process various rolled thermoformed sheets with a maximum thickness of 2 mm, including hips, GPPS, pet, PVC, PP, OPS and EPS

two independent heating boxes, one above and one below, equipped with proportional heating zone; Both the forming section and the cutting section are equipped with upper and lower independent pressure plates. 3. When there is no experiment for a long time, the dynamic pressure plate is used; The stacking device can also be equipped with counting, ejection and leftover curling equipment

fc 780 E and FC 600 e models also have the following advantages: the mechanical cycle speed is fast, and when 350 micron sheets are used to make a-pet pallets, the speed is up to 40 times/min; Low noise; Low energy consumption; It can be set quickly, because it adopts special mechanical design and special program of single board computer, which is convenient for mold replacement

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