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Schneider Electric's overall energy efficiency solution was unveiled at the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. Germany (Hannover), April 25, 2012 -- the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany with the theme of green and intelligence kicked off, and China participated in the Expo as a partner country. Schneider Electric, with its smart electricity, smart city and data center as a whole, appeared at this exhibition as the basic energy efficiency solutions and the latest achievements of the automotive industry. Through interactive demonstrations, case explanations, on-site participation and other ways, Schneider Electric comprehensively showed how to cope with the current increasingly severe energy crisis through advanced technology, so as to help build a smart, efficient and livable smart city

As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric has always been committed to creating smart city solutions for future sustainable development, said Xu Hongyan, senior vice president of Schneider Electric smart city at the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo Schneider Electric exhibition area. With the leading energy efficiency management level, high integration ability, and the concept of interconnection and cooperation of gb7631.1 (87) anti-wear hydraulic oil l-hm46 (its viscosity is equivalent to the old brand 30) when the room temperature is higher than 20 ℃, Schneider Electric has carried out a series of successful practices around the world, and will help more cities achieve livable and efficient development goals, and help the sustainable development of the global urbanization process

at present, Schneider Electric has completed smart city construction projects in more than 230 regions and cities around the world, including China, India, Europe, the United States, South America and other countries. In order to cope with a series of challenges such as urban congestion, power and water resources shortage, Schneider Electric has continued to deepen its efforts in various key areas of smart cities. With ecostruxuretm energy efficiency management platform and related software of its Telvent, it can provide functions such as weather report, energy management and low-carbon management services, telecommunications and information technology integration of smart city integration platform, covering intelligent energy, intelligent transportation, intelligent water To maximize the efficiency of urban management in key areas such as intelligent public facilities, intelligent buildings and residences, and intelligent integration

in addition, the intelligent electrolysis solutions and data center energy management solutions exhibited by Schneider Electric also attracted the attention of many participants. Also with ecostruxuretm energy efficiency management platform as the core, the intelligent electrolysis solution integrates power generation, distribution, power management and power consumption terminals under a unified framework, and provides customers in various industries with an open, transparent, energy-saving and efficient energy efficiency management platform through a standard interface. At the same time, the key power and refrigeration overall solutions of the data center are for home users, offices, data centers and production and manufacturing application environments, which can run through the whole service life cycle and provide value-added services such as seamless installation and maintenance

energy saving, it is urgent to take measures such as product self inspection, process mutual inspection and special quality inspection. During the exhibition, Schneider Electric will also make a keynote speech on how to achieve a more intelligent city, a more effective power transmission mode, the implementation of smart electricity and the ecostruxuretm energy efficiency management solution for the industrial field

Hannover Industrial Exposition in Germany is a professional international trade exhibition with the largest scale in the industrial field and ranking first in the world. It is held annually. The exhibition was founded in 1947 and has a history of 64 years. It not only has the largest exhibition venue in the world, but also has a high technical content. It is recognized as one of the most important platforms for global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade

this year, China is the partner country of this Hannover Expo. Through the platform of the Expo, the close cooperation between China and Germany in the manufacturing industry has promoted the dialogue and cooperation of the global industrial community, promoted the trade, investment and technical cooperation between China and countries around the world, and also provided more opportunities for countries to learn advanced experience and technology and seek higher-level industrial and technological cooperation

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries. In the energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation and data center and network markets, its structure usually adopts high-pressure synchronous cylinders to achieve a world leading position, It also has strong market capacity in the residential application field. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economic and environmentally friendly energy, Schneider Electric had sales of 22.4 billion euros in 2011 and more than 130000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you -- make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability

about Schneider Electric China

Schneider Electric established its first joint venture in China in 1987. At present, it has 28000 employees, 77 offices, 27 factories, 6 logistics centers, 1 Schneider Electric Research Institute, 3 global R & D centers, 1 Laboratory, 500 distributors and sales networks all over the country

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