China needs to strengthen the recycling of waste p

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China should strengthen the recycling of automotive waste plastics

at present, China's demand for automotive plastics is growing. At the same time, the number of discarded plastics is also increasing, and the pollution caused by it needs to be solved urgently

liguojun, vice president of China Plastics Association, believes that the recycling, recycling and utilization of waste plastics should start from the source, and the scientific selection of automobile parts, especially the selection of new products, can better promote the recycling and recycling of plastics. In addition, some insiders suggested that China should introduce corresponding countermeasures against the environmental pollution caused by waste automotive plastics and other materials

in recent years, there are many kinds of indirect methods in Japan and European countries. This method puts forward the requirements for the utilization of automotive waste plastics and stipulates the specific years. Ford Motor Company of the United States began to recycle automotive plastics in the summer of 2003 and mixed them with fine stones as pavement materials

the pendant area and the cabinet for storing the pendant should be designed within the comfortable range of the tension space that can be adjusted level by level according to the specification and length of the sample

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