The hottest overall transaction was flat, and the

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The overall transaction was flat, and the coated paper price loosened under the pressure of production capacity

the overall transaction of all kinds of paper was flat, the coated paper price fell, and the gray background whiteboard rose. Coated paper prices fell this week. According to the market, under the pressure of air atmosphere, dealers have loosened their quotations for some brands of Zhenjiang Jindong, Shandong Taiyang and Shandong Chenming, with a range of about yuan/ton. New products (Huatai, zunma) have no fluctuations

the price of double offset paper remained stable this week. The transaction did not improve, and the quotations of paper mills and dealers remained stable

the price of grey whiteboard rose this week. Although the dealers increased by about 100 yuan/ton, the demand was light, and the implementation of price increase was more resistant than that in the early stage. With the temperature rising, the electricity consumption of Fuyang carbon limited structural steel GB 700 (8) is slightly stricter than that of last week. Nine dragons and Jianhui in South China followed up Fuyang paper factory in the early stage, and there was great resistance in the dealer link

white cardboard price 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture is in direct contact with the sample and remains stable this week. Under the pressure of rising inventory according to relevant statistics, most paper mills make small profits to dealers. However, the dealer's quotation remained stable, and the terminal price remained unchanged

the price of box board paper and corrugated base paper is basically stable. Guangdong: Dongguan Nine Dragons raised the price by 100 yuan/ton, but some small factories made profits due to inventory pressure. Prices in East and North China were stable, and transactions turned weak

the price of international coniferous pulp rose, the oversupply of domestic coniferous pulp continued to fall, and the prices of American waste ONP and OCC rose

the price of international needle pulp has increased, and the quality and quantity of needle pulp have been improved, and the leaf pulp has remained stable; Domestic coniferous pulp prices fell and broad-leaved pulp remained stable. The coniferous pulp from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai has recently arrived in Hong Kong, and the supply of goods in Shandong has also increased, but the demand has not improved, resulting in the continuous decline of the price of coniferous pulp. The prices of American waste ONP and OCC Rose: the low inventory of waste paper in paper mills + the small supply of American waste pushed up the overall price of American waste, and ONP was pushed up because it could replace mix, which increased the price more

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