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The Xiangjiang gaobao Seminar on the blooming of outstanding technology landed in Changsha

on October 18, the German gaobao latest technology tour seminar came to Changsha, Hunan for the first time, and became the second city in Central China where gaobao held the seminar after Wuhan. With the continuous development of economy, the printing level in Hunan has gradually improved. Packaging and business printing have developed rapidly and have great potential

recently, Hunan dameicheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a gaobaoli Bida 105 five color UV printer, which is specially used for printing high-end 3D products. In terms of the domestic market, the stereoscopic printing industry has failed to develop on a large scale due to the technical threshold and the application of end products. It can be said that there is a blank in other regions except the coastal and Hong Kong regions. The abs/pa alloy opened by dameicheng is a material with good impact resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and mobility. It is not only the first enterprise specializing in 3D stereoscopic printing production in Hunan Province, but also the first enterprise in the mainland, It indicates that the printing market in inland areas will be prosperous with more varieties, and both the process level and market development will be greatly improved

Figure 1: the opening ceremony of Hunan dameicheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was grand and warm

unlike previous seminars, the Changsha station first arranged representatives to visit the factory and participate in the opening ceremony of dameicheng company. On the morning of the 18th, more than 100 representatives from all over Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong came to Meicheng factory to participate in the grand ceremony. The leaders attending the ceremony include: Mr. Dai Sheng, chairman of dameicheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Jiangang, director of Hunan Publishing Bureau, Mr. Hou Jian, deputy director of Hunan Publishing Bureau, Mr. Zhang Hewen, director of Changsha National biological industry base, Mr. Gao Jinhai, Deputy Secretary General of Hunan printing industry Association and President of Changsha printing industry association, Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of sheet Department of German gaobao company, Mr. yanhailin, deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and President of the Hunan Young Entrepreneurs Association, etc

Figure 2: the guests and leaders attending the event cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of dameicheng company

Mr. Dai Sheng, chairman of dameicheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd., said in his welcome speech that although gaobao entered the Chinese market late, we firmly believe in its technology and brand. Whether in terms of overprint accuracy, drying energy consumption ratio, or environmental protection technology, it is our best choice. At the same time, we are also impressed by gaobao's perfect after-sales service. From preparation to opening, we often come to guide and participate in improvement, so as to make the equipment operate better. 3. Working conditions help us reach the first-class level of 3D printing

in his speech, Mr. Juergen veil, the marketing director of the single sheet Department of gaobao company in Germany, also spoke highly of dameicheng. He first congratulated dameicheng on its smooth opening and said: in the context of uncertain global economic development, all printing enterprises are facing the problem of how to improve the value-added of products. Investing in the 3D printing market can show the vision and courage of dameicheng to develop new products and factories. Of course, high-performance and high-precision printing machines are needed to complete this kind of printing. I am very proud to see that Delta has chosen us, and I am also very glad that gaobao can work with delta to develop the stereoscopic printing market. In the future, we will cooperate more closely to help dameicheng achieve higher technological process and market performance

after the grand ceremony, leaders at all levels came to the factory workshop together with the representatives to investigate the operation of libida 105 equipment. With the start of the machine, exquisite three-dimensional posters were soon presented in front of the visitors. It is understood that raster printing has special requirements for printing machines. First of all, the indoor temperature needs to be constant, and the paper needs to be compact, bright and smooth. Of course, the requirements for the core printing machine in printing are also higher. Due to gaobao's outstanding achievements in the field of packaging and special printing, it can fully meet the needs of users to develop the 3D printing market. In the paper receiving part, libida 105 is equipped with a high-strength electrostatic removal device, which is the supplement and verification of DSC, infrared and X-ray fluorescence. The registration is more accurate in printing. At the same time, the advantages of libida's stable operation and long service life make dameicheng choose gaobao brand without hesitation. Most of the participants were only familiar with the printing of flat paper, but they didn't know about the three-dimensional grating three-dimensional printing. Seeing the sample sheets, everyone was very curious. They asked engineers and relevant technicians about the details of printing and equipment configuration, and had a strong interest in the 3D printing market. At the same time, they also had a deeper understanding of gaobao's equipment

Figure 3: the delegates visited dameicheng company and gaobaoli PIDA 105uv printing machine

Figure 4: Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of the single sheet Department of gaobao company in Germany, Mr. Guan Zhanhua, general manager of gaobao Hong Kong company in Germany, took a group photo with Mr. Dai Sheng, chairman of dameicheng company, and displayed 3D sample sheets

after the visit in the morning, after a short rest, In the afternoon, enterprise representatives came to century Jinyuan hotel to participate in the latest technology tour seminar of gaobao. At the beginning of the conference, Mr. guanzhanhua, general manager of Germany gaobao Hong Kong company, delivered a speech. He said: with the development of China's packaging market, gaobao has successively established two branches in Shanghai and Dongguan, and established 16 service stations to cooperate with the branches to assist customers in installation and maintenance. In addition to the improvement of hardware, gaobao's sales industry in China has developed rapidly, especially in the full machine market, with a share of more than 60%. Of course, excellent performance is also inseparable from the support of many users. With the opportunity of the seminar, we hope to give more help to printing enterprises in technology, assist more users to improve production efficiency, and work together to create a better future

Figure 5: the meeting site of Changsha station of gaobao company's latest technology tour seminar

Figure 6: Mr. Guan Zhanhua, general manager of gaobao Hong Kong company, Germany, delivered a speech

during the keynote speech session of the conference, Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of the sheet Department of gaobao company, Germany, focused on introducing the latest developed libida 105 equipment of gaobao company and the online technology of digital inkjet and offset printing. The new libida 105 completely adopts the technology platform of libida 106 this time, which has been greatly improved in all aspects. The toothing system can realize the conversion of thin and thick paper without adjustment. It takes less than 3 minutes for all printing units to use the full-automatic version change technology. In addition, the blanket and ink roller can also be cleaned synchronously. The version change time of the polishing device only takes more than one minute. The application of these technologies greatly saves the printing preparation time. On the other hand, the independently developed drying system varydry blue can also save more than 50% of energy consumption

Figure 7: Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of the single sheet Department of German gaobao company, gave a technical speech

finally, the German gaobao partner Atlantis Zeiss introduced its development process and product characteristics. Caiser company is well known in the industry for creating identity. Providing solutions suitable for industrial production has strong advantages in data management and software development. As a system integration supplier, it can provide customers with independent and personalized solutions. This cooperation with gaobao, which combines the nozzle technology with unique technical advantages with the classic traditional printing machine, undoubtedly widens the road for the development of the printing industry and meets the strong needs and choices of enterprises in more related fields

after a 10 day trip, the fifth German gaobao latest technology tour seminar is coming to an end. On the 20th, it will go to Dongguan, and the wonderful content should not be missed

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