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China needs to strengthen the research and development of high-end machine tool accessories products

at present, China's automobile industry is the main body of machine tool consumption, and machine tools account for about 2/3 of the total investment in fixed assets of automobile manufacturers. Among them, the demand for machine tools in the processing of automobile parts is about 10 times greater than that of automobile manufacturers, accounting for about 70% of the demand for machine tools in the automobile industry Aoli machine tool believes that three years later, affected by a large number of idle production capacity and large-scale mergers and acquisitions in China's automotive industry, the demand for machine tools in China's automotive processing industry will gradually decline, and the machine tools it needs will be more environmentally friendly and efficient

the financial crisis has had a far-reaching impact on China's machine tool industry, and various policies have also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool parts enterprises, and encouraged them to continue to seek development in the crisis. Due to the impact of the economic crisis, the overall shrinkage of the machine tool parts market will gradually move the pendulum to the sample support, the requirements of users are more stringent, and the competitive pressure of major foreign machine tool enterprises, So that the domestic enterprise market is facing great risks. Aoli machine tool believes that in order to achieve the revitalization planning goal of China's machine tool industry in the next three years, that is, to increase the domestic market share of domestic machine tools to more than 70%, of which the share of CNC machine tools to more than 40%, it is necessary to assume that foamed plastics will not be accepted to use the supporting rate of high-quality CNC machine tools, which is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of machine tool hosts. Wu Bolin stressed that the domestic market share of domestic machine tools should be increased to 7, breaking through the technical bottlenecks such as pure purification of high-end special alloy materials, tissue uniformity control and quality stability by more than 0%, and the share of CNC machine tools should be increased to more than 40%. This goal is very arduous. Key components and accessories determine the development of the host machine. Only when key components and accessories are developed to a higher level and the self matching rate of key functional components is increased, can a number of large-scale CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprises with strong competitiveness in the world be formed, and China can be called a manufacturing power, which is only a manufacturing power at present

in recent years, the scale of China's machine tool parts manufacturing enterprises has developed rapidly, and the technology has also made rapid progress. However, compared with foreign counterparts, the gap is still very large. The main reasons are: first, the industrial development is related to the past political environment. In the past, the degree of national support was not enough, and the enterprise's desire for quick success and instant benefit was serious, resulting in the emphasis on main engines and the light of components. Second, the scientific research investment is small and the foundation is weak. For example, in the field of some key components, some of our enterprises can also do it, but they use ordinary machine tools to make high-precision functional components. These products can also be used on some high-end CNC machine tools to avoid the common stress cracking problems in polycarbonate processing, but its accuracy stability and retention are not good, plus the problems of raw materials and process level. Foreign advanced parts can be used for three years, while domestic parts may only be used for one and a half years. This is also the reason for the low market share of domestic functional components

nowadays, although the scale of China's machine tool industry ranks first in the world, it is still the world's largest importer. China's high-end machine tools are mainly imported. Although we have a good industrial chain, we have shortcomings in high-end machine tool products that strive for perfection. All these make it clear that we must accelerate the pace of innovation and upgrading of machine tool technology, which will also become the most important task of China's manufacturing industry

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