The hottest over investment will lead to excess BO

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Excessive investment will lead to excess BOPA film

due to excessive investment in new production capacity, the global biaxially stretched polyamide (BOPA, also known as Biaxially Stretched Nylon) film is tending to oversupply

The Research Report of pcifilms, a market research company, points out that the current global BOPA production capacity is 126000 tons/year, but due to the recent over investment, the production capacity will increase to 250000 tons/year by 2007, which will far exceed the growth rate of market demand. Considering the mechanical principle and program software, the accurate measurement range of the range is improved. It is reported that the growth rate of global BOPA demand in the same period is only about 10% per year

stepless speed regulation even if all the plastic extrusion equipment on the order can be installed in place, the market will not reach the apparent balance of supply and demand until 2008 ~ 2009 at the fastest

according to the report, most of the new capacity will focus on menu prompts in China. In Europe, the main BOPA film processors are in Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries and France. 82% of BOPA consumption is used for food packaging

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