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Outstanding innovation achievements will come to an end in the future. Zijinqiao ushered in a new era of 6.0

on April 10, 2007, Zijinqiao 6.0 was unveiled in Shanghai, Harbin and Chengdu at the same time, becoming the first manufacturer in the industry to hold new product launches at the same time in three places. Zijinqiao 6.0 was successful and widely recognized in the industry. Subsequently, Zijinqiao 6.0 successively held large-scale product promotion conferences in Jinan, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Suzhou and other places. After three months, Zijinqiao footprints all over 13 cities and regions across the country. Outstanding innovation achievements will also become an industry event discussed by the industry in the future. On July 10, Zijinqiao Suzhou station successfully closed, announcing the successful conclusion of Zijinqiao new product promotion conference, and Zijinqiao fully entered the era of 6.0

the hot Zijinqiao 6.0 new product promotion conference

Zijinqiao software has gone through nearly 14 years of development since it was put into research and development in 1993, and the software has experienced many upgrades and innovations. It has been widely used in petrochemical industry to meet the requirements of national laws, regulations and standards; Fourth, there are more than 1000 users in more than 30 industries, such as power, steel, water treatment, medicine, environmental protection, etc. Whether it is the National Ninth Five year plan project, the National 863 plan, the west east gas transmission project, or even the construction of China's largest SCADA monitoring platform, Zijin bridge is silently playing the role of data center

since 2004, Zijinqiao company has begun to develop a new generation of configuration software - Zijinqiao 6.0. After three years, a huge amount of money has been spent, and after many user surveys and strict tests, we have successfully created Zijinqiao monitoring configuration software 6.0. Compared with previous versions, Zijinqiao 6.0 inherits the consistent stability and reliability of Zijinqiao software, greatly improves the user interface and user operability, and adds many industry-leading functions

in order to let the majority of users better understand Zijinqiao 6.0, understand the industry's first runtime plus points, dynamic plus pictures, and Zijinqiao's comprehensively improved free report rsreport, Zijinqiao company organized this "outstanding innovation makes the future" Zijinqiao 6.0 new product promotion conference. The venue of the conference covered more than 10 cities across the country, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chongqing, etc., with more than 6000 direct participants

there have been frequent seat additions in many meetings

Zijin bridge interactive activities with guests

through the new product promotion meeting, Zijin bridge engineers' constant speed stability engineers offer you a wonderful technical feast: the impact of environmental factors on low-speed impact performance: internationally leading operation time points, operation time configuration, these new concepts make you refreshing; The unique and robust functions of excellent user management, applicable trend analysis, and powerful rsreport excited guests; The super storage performance, fast data retrieval, interactive human-computer interface, rich graphics and plump pictures also made all industrial control colleagues greatly admire. Everywhere the meeting went, the research has been actively participated by peers in the industry since 1997

in addition, Zijinqiao engineers also introduced the typical applications of Zijinqiao software in the field of industrial control automation in recent years, from Daqing natural gas to Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil project, from Xinhua Pharmaceutical to the Three Gorges reservoir, from Jinan Iron and steel to satellite receiving station, from underground personnel positioning in coal mines to gas monitoring system... Everyone slowly learned about Zijinqiao from vivid examples. Originally, Zijin bridge is around you, making its own contribution to the efficient operation of the information platform

"outstanding innovation makes the future" Zijinqiao 6.0 new product promotion conference achieved a complete success, which is inseparable from the strong support of Zijinqiao enthusiasts and industry peers in major cities. As a configuration software manufacturer with leading domestic technology, Zijinqiao always takes promoting the development of domestic automation level as its own responsibility, and strives to better serve our national enterprises. It is believed that in the era of Zijinqiao 6.0, Zijinqiao software will continue to blossom everywhere and contribute more to the development of automation in China

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