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China needs to promote the docking of E-book Industry content and terminals

mobile reading terminals are an important development direction of the digital publishing industry in recent years. From the early electronic dictionary to reading, products and business models in this field are constantly maturing in exploration. At present, the more successful products and business models in this field in the international publishing industry are e-paper books represented by the Kindle Reader of Amazon Bookstore. The hot sale of Kindle Reader in the U.S. market has attracted many Chinese electronic manufacturers to follow suit, driving the development boom of the domestic E-book Industry. Seizing the opportunity of the emerging industry of e-book, giving full play to the content advantages of the traditional publishing industry and making a breakthrough in the connection between content and terminals is an important strategic opportunity for China's publishing industry to complete the transformation from paper to digital and realize new leapfrog development. Shanghai Century Publishing Group has been aiming at the forefront of the development of digital publishing in the world since 10 years ago. In 2008, we felt the new trend of the development of mobile reading terminal industry and decided to intervene in the development of e-paper books. After more than a year of efforts, we launched the world's first hand-held reader, cihaiyue reader, independently developed by publishing institutions in March 2010. It is not only similar to the international advanced level in hardware performance, but also an e-paper reading terminal that can provide top-level high-quality content resources

after the breakthrough in the technology of handheld reading terminals, promoting the connection between content and terminals has become the key. The core is to open up the entire industrial chain by building a high-quality content resource platform, so that China's e-book industry can achieve cross economic laws and inform us of Vietnam's development. Judging from the current situation in China, the construction of high-quality content resource platform needs to solve the following four problems

build a digital book publishing transfer platform to break through the bottleneck of industrial development. The main body of e-book reading content is the book and its multimedia form. At present, more than 40 handheld reading terminals are available in China. Most of them lack enough content, especially high-quality content resources. On the other hand, although book publishing institutions hold a large number of resources, most of these resources cannot be directly applied to e-paper readers. This is the industry bottleneck that needs to be solved most urgently at present. One of the important reasons why the E-book Industry in Europe and the United States is in a leading position in the combination of content and terminals is that its book typesetting documents are different from those in China, and it is relatively convenient to convert them into electronic documents suitable for readers

according to preliminary estimates, China currently sells no less than 1million books, most of which have no electronic documents; The document format of books with electronic documents can only be used for printing. If you want to read on electronic paper books, you must transfer files, that is, from typesetting files to digital files that can be read by readers. The construction of large-scale file transfer platform is essential, which requires considerable investment. In addition, in the long run, the fundamental solution is to generate a general document when making books, which can be used not only for paper publishing, but also for reading e-books and other media. This is a cutting-edge topic in the publishing industry, and Shanghai Century Publishing Group is carrying out research and development and tackling key problems

build a digital publishing copyright certification and protection platform to effectively protect the rights and interests of content providers. Compared with paper books, digital books are easy to be copied on a large scale, which makes the copyright protection of digital books a worldwide technical problem

while strengthening copyright protection, we should also solve the problem of copyright certification and acquisition. Because digital publishing is mainly a new publishing industry since this century, for books published before this century, publishers do not naturally have the right to digital publishing, and there are also some obstacles to the acquisition of digital copyright of new books. Therefore, the development of E-book Industry has become very difficult. This requires the government to take necessary measures and formulate corresponding policies to solve the bottleneck of copyright acquisition, especially the acquisition of digital copyright of imported books. In short, it is necessary to build a public platform that is easy to operate for copyright authentication and protection, effectively and efficiently solve the problems of copyright authentication, acquisition and protection of digital books, so that the legitimate rights and interests of digital content providers, sellers and users can be protected, so that publishers can not only effectively obtain digital copyright, but also provide content resources to terminal manufacturers with confidence

build a network digital book integration and trading platform to form a reliable digital book business model. In the current E-book Industry, terminal equipment charges readers. In terms of content, either the terminal provider charges readers, and then shares it with the content provider, or the terminal provider purchases it from the content provider at one time and amortizes it into the cost of terminal equipment. In this way, each terminal equipment seller needs to build a dedicated sales platform, including a network platform and terminal entity sales channels that reduce the demand for long-distance transportation and greenhouse gas emissions books. For businesses, low efficiency and high cost; For readers, it is quite inconvenient to use the file format of each family because it is not universal

Shanghai Century Publishing Group plans to establish a public, third-party, Alibaba like network platform for all content providers, terminal providers and readers based on Cihai Yueyue reader and Cihai Tianxia station, using cloud computing technology. For content providers, this is a transparent digital book sales platform, which can independently determine the form and policy of digital book sales according to the prior agreement, and automatically obtain the corresponding income; For terminal providers, because they do not need to request authorization from content providers one by one, they get cheap and unlimited content resources; For readers, because any reader can access this network platform and get support, they get convenient and rich reading enjoyment. Shanghai Century Publishing Group has good conditions to attract and integrate book digital publishing resources of national publishing peers with its initial large-scale terminal product market, its own rich book resources and good copyright protection reputation. The premise is to guarantee the lowest royalties to the cooperative peers, which is also a common practice in the international book copyright trade. In order to form a certain scale of high-quality content resources integration in the short term, it needs a certain amount of early investment. Once a benign mechanism is formed, there will be a win-win situation and a bigger industry

establish a reasonable benefit distribution mechanism to ensure the smooth operation of the industrial chain. The market players of the e-book industry chain include authors, copyright agents, publishers, retailers, wholesalers, technology developers and communication carriers. They are all in a certain link of the industry chain and have their own interests. How to design a reasonable benefit distribution mechanism and mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of each market player is the key to ensure the smooth operation of the industry chain

China is in the rising stage of the e-book industry. The hardware cost of readers accounts for most of the price of e-books, and the price of content is pressed to a very low level, which is not even expected to solve the long-term problem of broken screens. The built-in content of readers is free, which leads to the reluctance of authors and publishers to provide valuable content to e-books. Of course, at the same time, there are also some publishers and authors who demand too much revenue from digital copyright. As a result of the joint action of these two factors, the provision of high-quality content has become a bottleneck for the rapid development of China's E-book Industry. It can be seen that for an emerging industry, it is extremely important to establish a reasonable institutional arrangement in the distribution of interests in the industrial chain. Of course, it will have a process, but this process should not be too long. Similarly, in the construction of the industrial chain, it is not suitable for a single enterprise to take all of the whole industrial chain

according to the above characteristics and trends of the development of E-book Industry, for traditional publishing enterprises, the next development of E-book Industry must focus on content integration, ensure system construction, use content advantages to connect terminal production, and strive to build a content integration business platform, so as to grasp the key and commanding heights of the industrial chain

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