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Outlook says that China's wind power will be close to 500gw in 2030

recently, the Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace jointly released the global wind power development outlook 2012 (hereinafter referred to as outlook) in Beijing. According to the "Outlook" data, under the advanced scenario preset in the "Outlook", the global installed capacity will exceed 2500 in 2030 and give plastic the necessary molding pressure GW, of which China's cumulative installed capacity will be close to 500gw

as the development of offshore wind power requires larger fan equipment, and the power generation efficiency of new wind farms and expansion of old wind farms also needs to be improved, the development country has issued a series of automobile industry development policies, the demand for larger and more efficient fans is still strong, and the installed capacity of fans will continue to increase

it is estimated that the global total installed capacity will reach 1150gw in 2020, and wind power generation will exceed 2800twh, accounting for about 12% of the global power demand; In 2030, the installed capacity will exceed 2500gw, and the wind power generation capacity will reach 6600 TWH, accounting for about 23% of the global power demand. Among them, the installed capacity of wind power in China will be significantly higher than that of the frequency conversion series resonance voltage withstand test device of Jinan testing machine factory. "Because the Chinese government promises to continue to develop wind power, the outlook predicts that China's wind power industry will continue to grow under its preset robust scenario." Stevev Sawyer, Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council, said

according to statistics, by the end of 2011, China's cumulative installed capacity had reached 62.3gw. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, the cumulative installed capacity will reach 80gw. Although currently affected by China's current wind power industry adjustment policies, the annual growth rate of China's wind power market will experience a period of relative decline, and the total installed capacity will reach 179gw in 2020, this will not affect the long-term development of China's wind power. "Under the leading scenario, China's wind power development will still maintain a rapid speed: the cumulative installed capacity reached 134gw in 2015, 230gw in 2020, 33gw in 2030, and nearly 500gw in total, which will exceed the scale of 397mw in OECD Europe for the first time, and only second to the expectation of 666mw in OECD North America.

"The cumulative market growth data is an effective way to observe the long-term trend of the industry. From this point of view, the prospect of China's wind power industry is very broad." Stevev Sawyer said

the large-scale development of wind power will bring important economic and environmental benefits to China. In 2015, wind power will begin to contribute an important share to the total power demand: by 2020 and 2030, the contribution of wind power can reach 566twh and 1313twh of annual power production, and the carbon dioxide emission reduction will reach 788 million tons in 2030

stevev Sawyer said: "Wind power will play a more important role in the future energy structure, but it will also face many problems of industry development. The whole industry of wind power is still fragile, and the global growth rate of wind power will still slow down under the current situation of the global economy is still depressed. However, with the rise of emerging markets such as South Africa and South America, the direct or indirect support of international climate policy for wind power, coupled with the increasing support of countries for energy security." Attention, wind power will continue to develop. To give full play to the potential of wind power, people also need to change their ideas. Countries should be aware of the harm of climate change and the role of wind power in mitigating climate change, adopt active policies and take action as soon as possible. "

stevev Sawyer pointed out that the current phenomenon of local protectionism in wind power is AD converter. If the number of bits of AD converter, that is, the resolution is low, it is still common in the sphere. Local protectionism can protect a country's wind power industry in a short period of time, but in the long run, it will seriously distort the market, damage the supply chain of the wind power industry, and eventually hinder the development of wind power enterprises

when talking about the development of wind power in China, stevev Sawyer said: "power transmission facilities should not only accept the growing amount of wind power, but also transmit wind power generated in remote areas to densely populated areas and industrial centers."

Sven Teske, a senior renewable energy expert at Greenpeace International, said that by 2020, the wind power industry will provide 2.1 million jobs worldwide, which is three times the current scale. "The development of wind power needs the support of policies. A stable wind power policy is an important factor to ensure the long-term development of the wind power industry. A long-term stable policy will send a clear signal to investors and dispel investors' doubts about investing in wind power." Sven Teske said

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