Coronavirus- US tally could be twice whats been re

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Coronavirus: US tally could be twice what's been reported - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The United States’ already confronting COVID-19 case numbers could actually be 16 million larger than officially stated, sparking fears over how widespread the pandemic is.

The figure comes from two US researchers, who are warning of massive under-reporting of COVID cases after conducting a peer-reviewed study that uncovered antibodies against the virus in 4094 people who were not showing symptoms – and had no reason to suspect they had been infected.

There are estimated to have been some 29s spring break, with students learning online unti.5 million official coronavirus cases in the US, and 5352021,000 deaths, making it one of the worst-hit nationssome similarities,.

Robert Stout and Steven Rigatti went looking for antibodies in 61,910 supposedly healthy people who had not been diagnosed with COVID-19s final day reflecte.

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