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Weijue yuanmumen gives full play to the spirit of wild goose array, promotes the development of the enterprise with the "wild goose array effect", and is committed to building the enterprise and dealers into a united and efficient team

the formation flying of geese has an aerodynamic effect. A group of geese flying in a "human" formation can fly 70% more distance than those flying alone with the same energy, that is, the formation flying geese can fly farther with the help of the power of the team - synergy will increase the power by 70%

it is understood that weijue yuanmumen is giving full play to the spirit of the wild goose array, promoting the development of the enterprise with the "wild goose array effect", and is committed to building the enterprise and dealers into a united and efficient team

it is understood that the three concepts interpreted by "wild geese array" are: harmony, efficiency and sustainability. The corresponding advantages lie in the consistency of goals, coherence, and strength and durability

about how weijue wooden door achieves these three points, the reporter visited the original wooden door market in depth, and interviewed Mr. Liang peiguo, chairman of weijue wooden door, and industry experts to interpret how enterprises win with the power of "wild geese"

first, the goal is the same, unity and integration

the wild geese always come and go in groups, flying and trekking in the same direction. Stray geese cannot fly far. Mr. Liang peiguo, chairman of weijue wooden door, believes that a unified marketing concept and pursuit is very beneficial to the development of the enterprise. Therefore, for each franchised dealer, weijue will provide them with systematic introduction to corporate culture, training on industrial marketing concepts, and regularly carry out various marketing expert lectures to cultivate professional marketing talents for their stores free of charge. Make dealers understand the trends and requirements of the enterprise and improve their own performance. In addition, industry experts said, "the best effect of 1+1> 2 can be achieved only when enterprises and dealers are in harmony and work together towards one goal without derailing each other."

second, they echo each other and help each other with all their strength

according to the research of biological experts, the geese behind the geese in the geese formation can fly with less effort with the help of the aerodynamic force generated by the wings of the previous geese

"with the help of good wind, send me to the clouds". Weijue yuanmumen applies this interesting formation principle of geese to enterprise management. "Only by cooperating with each other can migratory birds complete their long-distance migration. With the spirit of unity and cooperation, enterprises and dealers can go farther and stronger," said Liang

according to Mr. Liu, a franchisee in Guizhou, weijue yuanmumen implements a nanny support policy for franchisees, providing rare special samples in the industry, some opening advertising expenses, decoration subsidies and huge sales rebate rewards. In addition, there are regional managers to help prepare for the opening, experts to impart marketing experience to help dealers open and improve performance

third, sustainable development and maximization of benefits

according to expert analysis, a group of geese flying in a "human" formation fly 70% more miles than geese flying alone with the same energy, that is, good team operation can increase great strength for cooperative individuals

Mr. Liang Guopei, chairman of weijue wooden door, said that the advantages of investment promotion policies have reduced the investment risks and opening costs of weijue's original wooden door franchisees. Therefore, franchisees have emerged throughout the country

dealer Mr. Liu said: "the head office (weijue wooden door) will issue a new door every two months, and will also regularly update and replace the products in the store. The after-sales service system is also very perfect, with a warranty of three years, and other door enterprises have less than two years or even none. And as long as customers have requirements, they have special personnel to solve them, so we don't have to worry about it."

experts from the China home decoration building materials Association said that it is such a service attitude and investment promotion policy that weijue yuanmu door can attract many investors and accelerate the injection of talents and capital. The development of franchisee groups will undoubtedly help weijue yuanmumen enterprises' own benefit growth and brand building. Weijue European beech door is gradually welcomed by the market, accounting for a considerable share in the high-end raw wood door market

"wild geese effect" brings people such enlightenment: relying on the spirit of unity and cooperation, migratory birds can soar in the air and complete long-distance migration. Yanzhen is like this, and so is weijue wooden door. Only through tenacious struggle, unity and cooperation can we lead the enterprise to go further and better




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