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The consumption of paper products recovered, and the production and sales of the paper industry continued to improve.

the production and sales of the paper industry continued to improve. Although the cumulative output in the first quarter decreased by 0.21% year-on-year, the output in February and March both increased positively year-on-year, reversing the year-on-year downward trend since May last year. With the recovery of paper consumption, it is expected that the output of machine-made paper and paperboard will continue to rise gradually

in the first quarter of 2009, when the experimental machine itself could measure the movement of the prefix 10, and the experimental power, displacement and other asset investment in the process of the whole society's fixed center point test increased by 28.80% year-on-year, the fixed asset investment in the once processed broaching forming paper industry increased by only 8.00% year-on-year in the first quarter. The recovery of fixed asset investment was slow, and the new capacity continued to be released

still adhere to the view in the investment strategy report of the second quarter of 2009, that is, it is expected that the overall profit of the paper industry in the first quarter will turn around month on month, but it is still down by 50%-60% year on year; 4. Although the month on month growth continued to improve in May, due to the year-on-year decline in prices and the rigidity of costs, the profitability recovered slowly. It is expected that the profit in the first half of the year will still decline by nearly 50% year-on-year, that is, the total profit of the whole industry in the first half of the year may only return to half of the level when the industry was booming in the same period last year

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