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Shenzhen Haijie technology large-scale call center construction solution

for enterprises, a good business system can help enterprises develop rapidly and provide data support for enterprise decision-making. Therefore, when selecting business systems, whether the functions meet the needs of enterprises has become an important factor for enterprises to select suppliers

for the call center system, in addition to whether the functions are satisfied, the technical architecture, stability and security of the call center system often lead the enterprise to make decisions

especially for enterprises with large seating capacity, once the system is unstable and downtime occurs, the losses will be huge. And this is not only the loss of money, but also the damage to the corporate image

Shenzhen Haijie technology undertook to build a marketing call center with a size of nearly 5000 seats in Guangdong lvshou in 2012. Now it has been running successfully for nearly two years. The system carries nearly 220000 calls per day and still operates well, which has been affirmed by lvshou marketing center

for large-scale agent call centers, Shenzhen Haijie technology adopts the architecture of server + switch and NGN soft switch technology, which is different from the traditional board type call centers. According to the needs of users, different group methods are adopted to meet the needs of users for the security and stability of the system

1. Group scheme

2. Group description

component description

cti server: the core switching equipment for communication processing

voice off: convert digital signals into analog signals for connecting ordinary analog phones. The number of connections is limited by the number of voice off ports

relay off: located at the edge access layer of NGN network, it connects PSTN and NGN networks to realize IP packets and transfer to TDM. It has two modes: digital relay interface and analog interface (O port). The number of connections is limited by the number of relay off ports. IMS coiling extruder originated in the 18th century. It does not need relay switching equipment

ip phone: Ethernet interface, which can be directly registered to the call center without voice switching

enterprises can set whether to map the call center system to the Internet to facilitate the use of 25million group branches for the first time last December

3. Technical features

a. the system adopts the group mode of mutual redundant backup (n+1 backup) and load sharing. Its operation feature is that when any CTI server fails, the single point of failure of the system will not affect the operation of other components, so as to ensure that the communication of the whole system is always smooth from the access layer, the data interaction layer to the terminal call

b. the two backup servers on the first floor are responsible for the call in route allocation, the agent extension groups are registered to the CTI server on the second floor, and the second server is responsible for the agent call out control and other core exchange processing

c. the server adopts raid backup mode. The data in two or more hard disks are written and stored synchronously. When any hard disk fails, the backup hard disk automatically switches to ensure the security of database data

d. the mechanical properties of incoming calls based on event driving are also different. Compared with the traditional inquiry mode, the system load is greatly reduced

for example, in a 60 seat call center, the traditional inquiry pop-up mechanism assumes that the client sends pop-up requests to the server every 1s. In that hour, there are 60 seats, and the number of requests from the client to the server is 3600*60=216000. Under the event driven pop-up mechanism, the client only sends one request to the server for each effective pop-up. Assuming that each agent answers the call every two minutes on average, the number of requests from the client to the server is 30*60=1800 under the condition of connectivity. Its advantages are self-evident

4. Solution value

a. the product focuses on the bottom layer of communication. The system is designed based on load balancing and advanced routing control technology, creating a carrier level call center platform

b. the system stability is based on rich practical applications, and the price is only 1/3 of the same type of products

c. provide mutual backup, disk array, remote disaster recovery and other system backup mechanisms to ensure the continuous operation of the system and data safety. 1. The experimental machine or parts and components with large weight shall be easy to lift and install

d, convenient and efficient third-party development interfaces, rich communication service provision capabilities, and the most powerful communication management and control platform of the enterprise

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