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In 2005, the consumption of latex products in China will reach 8.1 billion

with the progress of technology, the improvement of people's living standards, and the characteristics and irreplaceable nature of latex products, the demand for latex products in China's market will show a rapid growth trend in the future. According to the analysis of insiders, the annual demand growth rate in the next few years will reach 5% - 10%, It is estimated that the consumption of main latex products in China will reach 8.1 billion in 2005

1.3. Improper adjustment of lifting guide wheel. In 2000, the consumption of condoms in China reached 2.04 billion, accounting for 8% of the total world demand. Due to the good quality of our products, a large number of them have entered the international market. The products of some enterprises have been designated as specialized production enterprises by the relevant departments of the United Nations. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 2.4 billion

2. medical gloves. Medical gloves are indispensable supplies for medical and health undertakings. With the development of science and technology, people will pay more attention to health undertakings in the future, and medical gloves will be changed from repeated use to one-time use. In the future, the world demand will increase greatly. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 200million

3. check the gloves. Inspection gloves are mainly used for isolation, resulting in too little oil pressure. At present, foreign hospitals are used for general isolation protection except surgery, and the consumption in the future is still large. At present, medical institutions in China use inspection gloves as general isolation and protection articles, and the demand in China will increase greatly in the future. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 750million

4. nitrile rubber inspection gloves. Nitrile rubber inspection gloves have been produced for many years in China. At present, 5 enterprises have achieved large-scale production. At present, due to the dependence on imports for the production of raw rubber latex, the production cost is relatively high. Except for one enterprise producing export products, the rest enterprises have stopped production. As nitrile rubber inspection gloves are the substitute of natural rubber inspection gloves and will not produce protein allergy, the market prospect is promising. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 1.51 billion

5. household gloves. With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of self-protection awareness, the demand for household gloves will increase significantly in the future. In 2000, the world's demand for household gloves was 3.2 billion pairs, and it is expected to reach 5billion pairs in 2005. At present, the production capacity of domestic gloves in China is 120million pairs/year. Due to the small variety and low grade, the export is seriously affected. In addition, because people's consumption concept has not been completely changed, China prefers to use waterproof ointment and skin cream rather than wear gloves, so the consumption is limited. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 240million

6. balloon. At present, there are about 100 balloon manufacturers in the world, with an annual output of 20billion to 25billion. In the future, with more and more strict environmental protection requirements, the use of non degradable plastic and synthetic material balloons has been restricted. The consumption of natural rubber balloons will increase and will become a bulk product in the latex industry. It is estimated that the consumption in 2005 will be 3billion

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