The consumption of suspension grade PVC in Russia

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The consumption of suspension grade PVC in Russia is 729200 tons, down 7%

since the beginning of the year, the consumption of suspension grade PVC in the Russian market has decreased by 7%, to 729200 tons. Imports fell sharply

in January this year, the total amount of suspension grade PVC supplied by local manufacturers and foreign suppliers to the Russian market decreased by 7% year-on-year to 72.92 tons. The decrease of import volume is the main reason for the decrease of resin supply

although the export volume in recent three years was very small, Russian manufacturers increased the output of suspension grade PVC by 8% to 426500 tons this year. The import volume in the first nine months decreased by 23% to 302800 tons

the import volume of suspension grade PVC in the Russian market fell mainly to 12% In the first half of this year. 2. The cold weather in March and March resulted in very little demand for products made of suspension grade PVC, and Russian producers and traders had already accumulated some inventory

according to market participants, the experiment was carried out within 24 hours. On January 1st, 2012, the inventory of suspension grade PVC of Russian manufacturers and traders reached at least 4.5% Million tons

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