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The container throughput of Montevideo port ranks 18th in Latin America. According to a research report released by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) on the 19th, the container throughput of Montevideo port in Uruguay in 2005 was 454517 TEUs, ranking 18th among the ports in the region

in recent years, the container throughput of Mongolia port has increased rapidly. In 2002, it was 292962 TEUs. In 2003, it was 33871 TEUs with a price between 1850 and 1990 dollars. In 2004, it was 423,3 so 43 TEUs after 68 years. In 2005, 454517 TEU was increased by 7.36% year on year, due to the advantages of light weight, non rusting and good insulation

the container throughput of Santos port in Brazil in 2005 was 2.27 million TEUs, ranking first in Latin America

information source: Uruguay's "latest news" newspaper

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