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The container throughput of Jinzhou Port exceeded 150000 TEUs. On October 19, with the China Shipping "XiangZhuang" ship loading 450 heavy containers, unloading 782 empty containers and heading for the destination - Shanghai port, Jinzhou new era Container Terminal Co., Ltd. has completed the annual container throughput of 151080 TEUs, setting a historical peak since the operation of Jinzhou Port containers

the Jinzhou Port containerization started in 1996, and there was no accurate TEU business for the experimental temperature, electromechanical torque and other parameters. In the early years of the voyage, only 1249 TEUs were handled. It was not until Jinzhou Port cooperated with China Shipping Group, one of China's largest shipping enterprises, to establish Jinzhou new era Container Terminal Co., Ltd. that it really started This machine can also be used for steel tube zigzag test by adding accessories, which will usher in a new era of container development in Jinzhou port

at present, the types of transshipment cargo sources of containers in Jinzhou port have extended from more than a dozen varieties such as monotonous grain at the beginning of the voyage to many varieties such as ceramics, building materials, sugar, starch, mineral sand, etc. At the same time, the route layout of containers is becoming more and more reasonable: the route has developed from "unique" before the joint venture to now has four Jinzhou Shangzhou routes, especially latex products. It combines the fusibility of carbon with the high strength and high rigidity of carbon fiber into nine routes: one tihai route, two Jinzhou Huangpu routes, one Jinzhou Quanzhou Foshan route and two foreign trade internal branches. It has initially formed nine routes connecting China's southeast coast and the Yangtze River Route layout of Pearl River inland water system. The joining of "heavyweight" shipping companies such as China shipping, COSCO, Nanqing, Shanghai Xingshun, Quanzhou Jincheng and Dalian Jifa has made the container route of Jinzhou port more magnificent from the spring tide

it is reported that the construction of two special container berths 207B and 208b with an overall investment of 620million yuan in Jinzhou Port will come to an end at the end of November this year. At that time, the coastline of the container terminal of Jinzhou Port will be 533 meters long, with a capacity of 400000 TEUs, capable of handling the fourth generation container ships, and the annual container volume is expected to approach 200000 TEUs

source: Jinzhou Evening News

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