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The consumption of paper and paperboard in the markets of Europe, America and North America continues to decline.

the relationship between the activity of economic conditions and the consumption of paper and paperboard has opened up a variety of new extruded products, which still promotes the formation of uniform and dense contact during gel, although it is not as obvious as before. In the third quarter and October, the economic situation in the United States was better than that in Europe. Therefore, when the consumption of paper and paperboard in the North American market continues to decline, it seems that the situation in Europe is more serious. Carton shipments increased slightly, while paper deliveries fell by 3.5%. The overall data was negative. The economic situation in Europe is relatively bad, and inventories are gradually being digested. The decline in demand is also large, at least larger than that of twoorthree months ago

according to the data of cepprint European Association of publication paper producers and the positive parameter cepifine European advanced paper industry federation, plus the printing and writing paper including the paper with and without the grade of ground wood pulp, the total demand of the European market is expected to decline by 5.3% in October and 3.5% in the previous October. The export volume fell less, to 2.7%, with a cumulative increase of about 0.9% in the previous October. Total shipments from EU Member States fell 5.1% in October, down 1.9% in the previous October. The paper without ground wood pulp is slightly better than the paper with ground wood pulp

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