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Restorative rising market the global natural rubber market has gradually warmed up

up to now, the price of natural rubber has started to rise, and both Shanghai Rubber and Japanese rubber futures have stepped out of the restorative rising market. Japanese rubber has climbed back to 2. Aerospace will be the largest user of intelligent composite materials near 50 yen, and Shanghai Rubber Technology chart has the possibility of constructing a double bottom

according to the chart of Shanghai Jiao, the second bottom failed to fall below the low point of 17500 yuan in the early stage, and gained support to rise again. The trend in technical form gradually smoothed, indicating that the brewing of the bottom is in progress. If the post market of the November contract can further break through the high point of 19955 yuan on July 31, the post market has the possibility of re emerging from a round of rise to form software equipment, and there are also many possibilities. The January 2008 contract is currently sought after by new funds in the market, By Wednesday, it had broken through the 20000 mark

this week, the glue price rebounded and the inventory decreased significantly. The inventory of Shanghai glue futures decreased to 68505 tons, which has decreased for two consecutive weeks. The active involvement of consumer buying is mainly based on the fact that the price of the recent month contract in the Shanghai glue futures market is significantly lower than the spot orders in Hainan and Yunnan, resulting in the consumption of standard glue mainly in the futures market. Therefore, the sharp rebound of Shanghai glue futures market in the second half of this week is also a return to the high price orders in Hainan and Yunnan, In the game between Shanghai Jiao futures and Hainan and Yunnan, which are now in the leading position in the world, the return of Shanghai Jiao futures was finally promoted by the rebound of the external market, which was a less satisfactory result for short sellers. After entering this week, the spot of standard 1 glue in the production area continued to be traded at more than 19000 yuan, and the trading volume increased steadily. Basically, the daily pending orders can be accepted by the market

in the short term, the author believes that the natural rubber market still does not have the possibility of going out of the unilateral market, the spot pressure is still heavy in the peak season of rubber cutting, the inventory quantity in Hainan and Yunnan reclamation areas is large, and the digestion of the inventory in the futures market still needs some time. Therefore, it is estimated that while the downward trend is reversed in the Shanghai rubber futures market, the upward trend is restored. Jinan experimental machine factory WDW ⑴ 00h pipe ring stiffness tester is mainly applicable to all kinds of pipe ring stiffness testing. The experiment still needs a process of full repetition at a relatively low level. After October, as the peak season of rubber cutting fades gradually, the rubber price is expected to go out of a round of seasonal rise after completing the bottom composition

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