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On March 3, Qiu Yutao, the key account manager of Dongli company, went to the eastern suburb sewage treatment plant to carry out door-to-door service, which opened a new climax of the "double entry and double service" activity of Tianjin electric power company

Tianjin North news: on March 3, qiuyutao, the key account manager of Tianjin Dongli company, went to the eastern suburb sewage treatment plant to carry out door-to-door service, which opened a new climax of the h-residual indentation depth double entry and double service activities of Tianjin electric power company

a few days ago, when he learned that the plant was back to work and production, Qiu Yutao immediately contacted Zhang Qiang, the deputy general manager of the plant, and proposed to come to the sewage treatment plant for a physical examination of electrical equipment

Dongjiao sewage treatment plant is a popular project for the collection and treatment of urban sewage in the eastern region of Tianjin at present, with a sewage treatment capacity of 600000 cubic meters/day and a reclaimed water treatment capacity of 100000 cubic meters/day. It has become the kidney of purification in the eastern region of Tianjin. Before the end of December last year, Dongli company completed the power transmission project of 35 kV special station power line in only 60 days, 22 days ahead of the standard construction period, which surprised Zhang Qiang

this door-to-door service, Qiu Yutao brought a new surprise to Zhang Qiang: we carry out the activity of double entry and double service. From February to June, your factory can give a 95% discount on the electricity bill

Zhang Qiang immediately calculated an account: the electricity charge accounted for 40% of the total cost, and the electricity charge per moonlight was more than 3 million yuan. In this way, I can save 750000 yuan in five months. Power is really interesting

Chengxi company went to China Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to publicize the latest policies to reduce the power cost of enterprises and provide on-site services; Chengdong company sends 2. In order to ensure the safety of users and the reliable operation of equipment, it provides door-to-door services and capacity expansion plans for Tianjin Yadi Industrial Co., Ltd; Jizhou company carried out a special patrol for the 35 kV power line of Tianjin Jinpeng Aluminum Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

in recent days, Tianjin Power cadres and employees have entered enterprises, villages, workshops and fields, and have asked for visits. As of the 5th, a total of 28 enterprises have been visited, and 11 power consumption problems in 3 categories have been solved on the spot, which has won a lot of praise from enterprises

it is reported that about 60% - 80% of the fractures of the Guotian aviation project were caused by the fatigue damage of structural materials. Tianjin electric power launched a double entry and double service campaign on March 1 to enter thousands of enterprises and thousands of sites to serve epidemic prevention and control, livelihood security, key projects and major projects. It is planned to visit important enterprises and 125 municipal key construction projects in Tianjin by the end of March; Ten power supply companies visited about 100 enterprises and 100 sites to better serve the goals of both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in Tianjin. (Jin yunsun Chang)

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