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And care: establishment of sankeshu "worry free fund"

and care: establishment of sankeshu "worry free fund"

March 17, 2008

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(view all pictures of Chinese paint)

[China paint information] on the morning of March 11, sankeshu paint Co., Ltd. announced the official establishment of "worry free fund", and the chairman of the company, Hong Jie Fu Zude, Secretary of the Party group of the Putian Federation of trade unions, electronic device tensile testing machine, Huang Weiping, director of the Putian Municipal Bureau of labor and social security, Zhao liming, chairman of the Licheng District CPPCC, and other relevant urban leaders jointly attended the establishment and launch of the "worry free fund". Generally, they adopted the high-strength polyester filament production instrument

At the launching ceremony, Xu Lifang, the deputy general manager, read out the notice on the establishment of the "worry free fund" in Min sankeshu [2008] No. 03 document, announcing the formal establishment of the fund. Chairman Hongjie donated 50000 yuan to Chen Weiming, an employee of the quality control department on the spot (his mother had been hospitalized for serious illness, and it had cost 40000 yuan. The mechanical properties of metal varied with the loading mode, stress state, temperature and contact medium. The family economy was originally relatively difficult, and it also needed about 50000 yuan. The high treatment cost overwhelmed him and his family). Then, two employees funded by the company took the stage to speak one after another. They told everyone their real experience of getting out of trouble with the help of the enterprise and expressed their deep gratitude to Chairman Hong Jie

at the launch ceremony, Chairman Hongjie said: "Under the three trees, the essence of a healthy family is to create a healthy living environment. The three trees practice the sharing concept of 'originating from society and belonging to society'. As some corporate citizens, the company donated 12million yuan to the society in 2007 alone. The company has been committed to being the best employer enterprise in China, and achieved the goal of being the first private enterprise in Putian to provide medical insurance at the beginning of the year. The establishment of this' worry free fund 'today is to Develop into a long-term fund, which will radiate to Putian City, and then radiate to a broader field. "

at the launching ceremony, Fu Zude, Secretary of the Party group of Putian Federation of trade unions, delivered a speech. He said he was very moved, and described the "worry free fund" established by sankeshu as an "initiative", saying that in the future, more social forces will be mobilized to jointly develop and expand the "worry free fund" and provide greater help to the society

the "worry free rule" of the three trees is: when an employee's family encounters major changes and difficulties, the company promises that it will be settled by the enterprise to ensure that employees work at ease, hard and efficiently. As of the establishment date of the fund, more than 10 employees have enjoyed the "worry free care" of three trees

sankeshu worry free fund is the starting point of love - a flexible manufacturing point for personalized needs, and the starting point of society. I hope that more social caring people will participate in this glorious and sacred cause of happiness

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