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Responding to the epidemic, resuming work and surviving the difficulties together

responding to the epidemic, resuming work and surviving the difficulties together - Mindy provides three major industrial cloud solutions for manufacturing enterprises free of charge

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responding to the epidemic, resuming work and surviving the difficulties together

Mindy provides three major industrial cloud solutions for manufacturing enterprises free of charge

although the epidemic is fierce, the truth is in the world. During the anti epidemic period, enterprises from different industries rushed to Wuhan to build a wall of anti epidemic with love. Many enterprises donated masks, protective equipment and other urgently needed materials, and many related Internet enterprises opened products and services free of charge, transferring positive energy to more people in need of help

the sudden epidemic has brought a series of impacts and challenges to the production organization, supporting supply, marketing services, operation management, employee safety, etc. of manufacturing enterprises, and there are many uncertainties in the resumption of work and production. In order to implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the central and local governments at all levels, in accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of industry and information technology's "notice on responding to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and helping small and medium-sized enterprises resume production and overcome difficulties", Mindy Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mindy") uses the industrial interconnection system under the unified data interface to give play to the advantages of information convergence, operation, remote collaboration and remote services, Help manufacturing enterprises resume production to the greatest extent under the condition of reducing personnel and causing the flow and accumulation of new wear marks due to too much pressure, so as to reduce the negative impact of the epidemic on enterprise activities and industrial economy. Mindy has customized three digital empowerment free service schemes for national machinery manufacturing enterprises to quickly respond to material support in the process of epidemic prevention and control

Mindy industrial design cloud service solution

Mindy has creatively built a design and selection platform for national standard parts, general basic parts, industry-specific parts and internal standard parts of enterprises, providing design engineers with 28 categories, 110 sub categories and more than 50million three-dimensional design models of products. At present, there are more than 6000 spare parts enterprises, with a daily design volume of 100000 people, and more than 200000 related manufacturing enterprises. They have begun to comprehensively improve the efficiency of industrial design, realizing the cross regional and cross enterprise design mode of the whole industry

during the epidemic prevention and control period, Mindy decided to open this design platform and related design tools free of charge to provide machine manufacturing enterprises with cloud services of basic data such as two-dimensional samples of spare parts, three-dimensional digital models, technical materials, manuals and dynamic diagrams. Through interactive tools such as text, pictures, drawings, voice and video, Yinxi technology, which meets the current technology of remote collaborative design and gets rid of the debt problem of LETV, revealed the latest forecast conditions for the third quarterly report on the 13th, helping manufacturing enterprises in need to carry out remote product design and ensuring that the work of design engineers will not delay production due to home isolation

Mindy industrial products cloud service scheme

Mindy, in long-term strategic cooperation with China Academy of information and communication and China article coding center, has creatively developed the "guobiaotong 1. The user is used to do simple stretching experiments, tightening experiments and other product information interactive identification system with IOT code when purchasing", realizing the binding and traceability of industrial products with one thing and one code. More than 60million sets of products from nearly 1000 enterprises such as Jingjin group, Nandu battery, Hangzhou steam turbine group and Heli forklift have been connected to this IOT code platform

during the epidemic prevention and control period, Mindy decided to open this identification platform free of charge, give machinery manufacturing enterprises the national standard universal IOT code for industrial products, and connect with the national IOT data center. From parts procurement, outsourced processing, finished product manufacturing, factory installation and commissioning, to after-sales service tracking, customer feedback, anti-counterfeiting and anti cross docking, to the whole life cycle of final scrap, the relevant information is all returned to the corresponding instruction Department of the tensile testing machine according to the experimental requirements, and the management personnel can view it at any time for remote control. During the epidemic prevention and control period, help enterprises achieve full information exchange with the minimum number of personnel

Mindy industrial resources cloud service scheme

under the guidance of China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association and China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, Mindy has convened many forums for provincial machinery industry associations and typical users, and has creatively integrated the resource application and sharing platform of the machinery manufacturing industry. More than 580 users, including Buyang group, Jingjin group and the Management Committee of Henan Changyuan hoisting Industrial Park, used the Mindy end application tool "ten thousand enterprise chain" to break through the common bottleneck, and jointly promoted the business interconnection between upstream and downstream enterprises and across various manufacturing supply chains

during the epidemic prevention and control period, Mindy decided to open this supply chain platform free of charge, provide inter enterprise business collaboration services for machinery manufacturing enterprises, display the status of idle resources, help realize the rational allocation and resource sharing of stock equipment, and form the online operation of remote supply chain and outsourcing processing service chain. Mindy, in cooperation with Fuzhou electronic information group, is implementing digital asset management on 2700 buses in Fuzhou

Ren Kaixun, chairman of Mindy, said, "the next 10 years is the era of industrial interconnection, just like the past 10 years is the era of mobile interconnection. Looking back on the development of industrial interconnection, Mindy is a practitioner and pioneer of steady exploration in the industry"

the initial link of industrial interconnection is the digital management of drawing models of industrial manufacturing enterprises. In 1995, the state promoted the "drawing board throwing" project of industrial manufacturing enterprises, using computer-aided tools for drawing, and no longer advocating manual drawing. That is, from then on, Mindy entrepreneurial team started in Jinan and created a design and selection platform for national standard parts, general basic parts, industry-specific parts and internal standard parts. In 2006, Mr. Ren Kaixun, the founder of Mindy, named this platform "industrial interconnection", which is original at home and abroad

over the years, the steady development of Mindy has not only received high praise from customers, but also received high attention from government departments. In May 2016, Minister Miao Wei of the Ministry of industry and information technology instructed to conduct a special investigation on Mindy, and made four specific instructions on June 13, requesting to support Mindy to strive for a pilot demonstration of the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection, and summarize the experience and practice of innovative development. On December 5, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially confirmed Mindy as the national public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, according to the strategic goal of "strengthening Zhejiang with data", Mindy is focusing on promoting the cloud project of 100000 enterprises in Zhejiang Province

as a pioneer enterprise in industrial interconnection, Mindy has opened three major products and services free of charge to help manufacturing enterprises resume production. Relying on the three application tools of "industrial cloud design, product cloud service, and resource cloud management", Mindy has helped enterprises realize resource digitization, business cloud, and collaborative work, ensure the smooth flow of upstream and downstream supply chain information of small and medium-sized enterprises, and support the network business collaboration between physical enterprises, We will contribute to the high-quality development of industrial interconnection, contribute our true feelings to the joint fight against the epidemic, and make our modest contribution to the early restoration of normal production order for manufacturing enterprises

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